Have you been healed today?


When it comes to the reasons for getting married or not, there are many strange reasons, and it is not surprising. But the most obvious thing I’ve ever seen was a girl who told me that she had a mental defect in her genes, and that several people in her family had been hit by it. So it was her reason not to marry and have children.

With the development of science and technology, life and death have become less free. A lot less surprises and a lot less tribulations. Inheritance is a big deal, and some people really can’t help it. For example, I lost my hair, and now I have to show people as bald; for example, I am short-sighted, and I was very careful when I was young, but it collapsed in a short time, watching others play games all night, lying down and reading, and my eyesight; I am getting older, I guess I will have veins. Zhang, now he can only rely on exercise and diet, and wait for his arrival silently.

A few days ago, I was talking to a psychiatric friend. Now there are more and more people with mental illness or mental illness. As an ordinary person who has not been “diagnosed” for the time being, how should I face it? My friend said that if it is a guardian or family member, those who may endanger the society or their own safety must be strictly controlled and treated, otherwise they will harm others and themselves; for those who are less harmful and less harmful to themselves, we should try our best to Treat him like a normal person.

Isn’t it a vulnerable group? Shouldn’t it be taken care of? You are very white. The appearance of the patient is not the result that anyone wants, but everyone’s purpose is not to let him continue to be sick, but to hope that he will return to what we call “normal”. Some people become doctors after a long illness, and there will naturally be others who recover from illness. In intimate and family relationships, building a healthy model is more important than treating “sick people” as “patients”.

Now no one dares to say that they are healthy, even if they are in good health, there may be genetic inheritance, psychological problems and hidden dangers, no matter how bad it is, there must be some psychological trauma from their original family and adolescence. Healing things are popular, presumably because there are more patients. It is popular now that there is “no quality” in the workplace, so live happily all day. But modern life is in a peaceful age, and there is no other ability. The ability to create obstacles is very good. I am sick and I am justified. What can you do to me?

So everyone is waiting to be cured, cared for, and treated as a “patient”. It’s people who don’t want to be cured at all, and it’s the next thing to get sick or not. But when there are more patients, there are fewer doctors, and no one is obliged to be a doctor or a nurse. Everyone should learn first aid, and those who are willing to be patients should stay away as much as possible.

There is a big difference between Chinese and Western medicine. Chinese medicine always thinks that you have no major problems and can always get back on track. Western medicine, it is normal for you to be sick, and normal is an accidental phenomenon. This point is a bit contradictory to the syndrome differentiation and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine and the data standards of western medicine.

I am fortunate to meet some people in my life, either rely on experience, self-behavior correction, and self-psychological construction to overcome mental illness; or, find a way to discipline myself so that I can always walk on the road of rebirth. I have always had a lot of respect for such people. In the same way, I am also sorry for some people. When they cannot let go of their own worthlessness, the biggest reason is their own morbidity, disrepair, and chronic illnesses.

Friends in the psychiatry also said that in addition to abnormal physical symptoms or neurological abnormalities. In addition to drug treatment, psychological counseling and behavior modification are not only the responsibilities of relatives and friends, but also the responsibilities of patients themselves. He also gave an inappropriate example. Now there are dog trainers. Pet dogs need behavior correction because of problems such as personality and behavior development. The money is quite a lot, but it is the most worthwhile. In fact, it is the biggest responsibility for it.

To be healed is the expectation of everyone who thinks they need to be healed. People live by hope, and having hope is better than broken pots, self-abuse and being abused. When being cured becomes a farce, an illusion, perhaps one can only rely on self-salvation.

There is no savior in this world, so naturally there will be no high-ranking people. In the vast sea of ​​people, seeing you, an ordinary mortal, will go to great lengths to pull you out of the sea of ​​suffering. The rest is only the unity of your own knowledge and action, or you indulge in the pleasure of being a patient, and then look forward to the colorful auspicious clouds carrying the gods, until you die.

Left Bank Notes: We are healed, sometimes by a person, sometimes by a book, an article, or even a sentence. Being cured is probably your terrible, depressing years, the world where it rains every day, because you met TA, the world suddenly became clear. From sensitive and suspicious, from low self-esteem and cowardice, from obscurity to become strong, brave, and live out the true self. And know that because of the presence of TA, there is nothing to be afraid of. It’s just that people can’t always wait to be cured. You must first have the ability to heal yourself, and even the ability to heal others. In this way, you will be so strong that you don’t need to be loved or hurt, but you will always be lucky enough to be loved and loved.

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