Gossip about life in winter


01. “Reading Life”

I have loved reading since I was a child. For decades, it has become a habit to borrow and buy books to read. Although there are e-books and online books later, I still love paper books.

Over the years of studying, the fragrance of books is fragrant and far away, and I have benefited a lot. Although life sometimes rewards me with drizzle, my innocence has not changed. The stubborn belief in my heart is like a bud, breaking through the siege of the hard ground, and it is deep. show. If you have the world in your heart, the world will not be so vast; if you have the sea in your heart, the sea will not be so vast. Because, I persistently believe: Facing the sea, the spring is warm and the flowers are blooming. Life is not just about living in front of you, it also has poetry and distance!

With books as companions and friends as pleasure, the years are quiet and beautiful, and the feelings are clear. My heart is not cold, the sun is warm, my heart is not lazy, and the flowers are blooming brilliantly. There is such a beauty in life, reading in quiet time, drinking tea in leisure time, the time is graceful, and the years are gentle!

02. “Tea Tasting Life”

Tasting tea contains rich philosophy of life. The first product is “A young man listens to the rain song upstairs, the red candle is dim and the tent”; the second product “Listen to the rain on the boat on the river, the river is wide and the clouds are low, and the broken geese call the west wind”; , the joys and sorrows are always merciless, and the first step will be dripped until dawn.”

Tasting tea can reveal Xue Xiangling’s extreme happiness in “Suolin Sac”, “This is the unpredictable life, I don’t want to be reunited in the present”; Wang Baochuan’s bitterness and happiness in “Wujiapo”, “Thank you for the kindness of the dragon, I only got the phoenix clothes today “Through” all kinds of life, all kinds of thoughts, are all settled in a cup of tea surrounded by clouds and mist.

Life is like tea, whether it is strong or light, you have to savor it carefully. In life, you always want to compete for high and low points, success or failure, but you don’t know that high and low, success and failure, are the taste of life, fame and fortune come Coming and going, the ups and downs of honor and disgrace, a part of indifference, a part of tranquility.

Taste tea in the long journey of life, smile proudly at joys and sorrows, taste ups and downs, and write down the beautiful chapters of life in your heart!

03. “Poetic Life”

Romain Rolland said in “The Biography of Michelangelo”: “There is only one kind of true heroism in the world, and that is to still love life after knowing the truth of life.”

A yellow chrysanthemum, a falling maple leaf, a wave of cold wind, and a long river, condensed into a unique poetic feeling in winter, so that every kind of winter beauty can be precipitated in the changing seasons, and can be experienced in passing years. Filtered in Xinli, possessing a mood and state of mind as clear as winter snow, matures when the winter is getting stronger, grows when the prosperity is over, collects and harvests, and enjoys the wind and snow. Let a little bit of bleakness and a little bit of loneliness in winter become a very poetic scenery in time. It rhymes with the picturesque lines of winter scenery, and it is flat and flat in Dongxin’s indifferent turn.

In every new season, stick to the love of life, let the days be healed and warmed in the trivial and repetitive ordinary.

The author’s self-report: An ordinary and simple white-haired old man who loves words and poetry. Retire leisure time at home, insist on writing some words and reading some books and newspapers every day. Light up life with words, every day is a good day. May the years be long and you and I will be safe.

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