Hi, Rime

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Long long ago, I saw these characters “Rime”, but after seeing the configuration, I spread my hands and said goodbye.

Last week, I saw it again from the Feed Bot subscribed to ” Beep Square ” and blogs, and I didn’t make a fuss for the first time until I saw this article: “Mark24Code/rime-auto-deploy”

A self-used script to help painless and fast installation, deployment of Rime input methods (Zhongzhou Yun, Xiaolanghao, Shuxuguan) and deployment configuration.

Give it a try, one by one, smooth~ (Unsmooth, high probability of network problems.)

Buff 1

Custom symbols table mysymbols.yaml , from @eallion.

Install Rime Xiaolanghao Wubi Pinyin Input Method for Windows – Big Little Snail

Buff 2

iOS input method仓输入法: From macOS to iPhone, fully embrace the RIME input method – Geek

Pinyin thesaurus: iDvel/rime-ice: Rime Configuration: rime pinyin | Simplified thesaurus maintained for a long time


In fact, the original motivation for installing Rime came from the blue skin of “WeChat Input Method” ?

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