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stick to this thing

Today, I listened to the latest issue of the Blockchain Intelligence Bureau. At the end of the program, the host said that in order to ensure the quality of the program, it will not be updated regularly in the future. Then I remembered that at this time last year, the quality of the weekly blog updates was not satisfactory, so I found a reason for myself to write To produce high-quality content, change the update cycle to irregular updates. In fact, although the time period has lengthened, the quality has not improved.

I thought that giving plenty of time would gather more good ideas. In fact, many things are dealt with every day, and many things and thoughts are not recorded. When I have time to sit down and write, I am still the same as before, my mind is empty and there is not much new ideas, so I have to put together a story. Not only is the quantity less than before, but the quality is not much higher.

In fact, for individuals, things like writing and running that require long-term persistence and cannot see results in the short-term are very beneficial in the long-term. Writing is a civilized spirit, and running is a savage physique. But the process of exporting is very painful, and even if ordinary people keep writing, there is a high probability that they will not be able to become literary giants, and they will not be able to become national heroes even if they are ten kilometers a day. Therefore, there are very few long-term adherents, but those who can persevere will benefit a lot.

First, if you insist on something for a long time, this event will become a part of life like three meals a day, and this event will also become a milestone in the restart or start of life. Refreshed. If you have no clue at work, sit down quietly and organize your thoughts into words, and many problems will be solved easily. Second, perseverance itself is a rare and valuable quality, and it is the status quo of most people who have traveled a hundred miles and ninety-nine.

Those who are good at persevering are long-termists, and they can often benefit a lot from perseverance. There is a way of being ambitious, and things will be accomplished. Three thousand Vietnamese armor can swallow Wu. Some people stick to a good habit for a long time to prolong their life, and some people insist on using the time when others drink coffee to write and become a generation of writers. In addition, there is a special kind of persistence called persistence delayed gratification. Some people insist on delayed gratification and become wealthy newcomers. Of all the persistence, delayed gratification is the hardest and the most rewarding, because it is so hard. There are a few people who can pass among the flowers, and the leaves do not stick to their bodies.

Of course, there are also some things that cannot be insisted on, such as insisting on holding junk coins and junk stocks, and fantasizing that one day it can become a hundred times shares and a hundred times coins. Well, in fact, it should not be called persistence, but stubbornness.

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