Home office captures faces every five minutes, and is not afraid of scolding

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Weird things happen every day in the workplace, and I feel a lot of them recently.

I saw a news that a company listed on the US stock market, known as “the first stock in adult education”, requires employees in Chaoyang to implement home office.

There is nothing wrong with this requirement, and it is a corresponding call, but it is a tricky job to make employees work hard to move bricks at home, requiring employees to install computer monitoring software overnight, and they must automatically take screenshots every 5 minutes to capture faces. Screenshots are not enough every day. 89 counts as absenteeism.

In all honesty, is there a situation where working from home is a fish?

There must be.

Don’t talk about working from home, let everyone sit in the office honestly, as long as there is a fishing god in mind, the solution is always more difficult than the difficulty.

There is a chance to fish, but if you don’t have the chance to create an opportunity, you have to fish.

In the past, Mr. Niu wanted to grow two butts in order to fish, so that he could poop with double pay and double the happiness.

But for a qualified enterprise, it is not important to fish.

As long as the boss doesn’t have cerebral palsy, he knows that employees can’t stop them from fishing.

Generally speaking, spies who are not competitors will not be so dedicated.

Modern business management has always attached more importance to the final result. With the refinement of the division of labor and the strengthening of professionalism, Taylor’s scientific management of tossing the assembly line workers has become outdated. Whether the employees are digging their feet while writing PPT, or neat makeup and straight suits It doesn’t matter if you type on the keyboard, as long as you get things done on time and by volume.

KPI (or OKR) + DDL, only the result can be said.

What matters is the result, not elegance or inelegance.

As a result, this adult education company has to do a micro-management, 5 minutes of face capture and glance at you, which is more annoying than installing a timer in the office toilet, evoking the terrifying domination memory created by the middle school head teacher smashing the back door and window of the classroom. .


Seeing this, do you think I’m going to scold me?

No, you think about a problem.

Can the company be listed on the market, and it is still a training institution, is the boss stupid?

Will there be less sophistication in the world that people have seen?

Could his EQ be low?

He really can’t, he finished the ball early.

Doesn’t he know that this is useless for work efficiency and work results, doesn’t he know that it will arouse employees’ disgust and have the opposite effect?

Of course you know.

I have repeatedly said a truth, the boss of the company may be a fool, but he must not be a fool.

What you have to think about is not what he did.


Why did he do this.

Is it in his interest to do so?

I have never suggested evaluating corporate decision-making from an intellectual perspective. No matter whether they stepped on the wind or performed miracles, the leadership has done a great job in the enterprise, and such leaders will not lose their IQ.

Since the leader is not stupid, why is there such a face brushing fairy operation?

Very simple, cost reduction and efficiency increase.

You read that right.

It seems silly X, but there is actually theoretical support behind it.

But this theory will make you very uncomfortable, it is recommended to do psychological construction in advance.

Social violence is coming.


Cost reduction is the mainstream trend of thinking of enterprises during this period, which is reflected in the cost of employees. On the one hand, it is trying to deduct the previously promised rewards, performance and year-end bonuses, just like this company uses high-frequency face brushing to find excuses All performance is deducted.

On the other hand, starting from the number of employees, cut off useless employees, and useful employees also cut a knife, and the cost is tight.

Face captures at intervals of 5 minutes are unbearable for normal employees, and they have to consider taking a time difference when they go to the toilet. Moreover, this obviously violates the privacy of employees working from home. In my family, there is a teacher Niu who likes to run around naked. .

Therefore, normal employees will feel that Zhou Papi only pretends to be a chicken to toss the employees once a day. You are tossing with high-intensity and extreme pressure, which can be called Gatling-type Papi.

Taking the initiative to resign, the leader’s face will be rotten with laughter.

I checked the financial report of this company. As a listed company, I have to write it down in black and white. The loss in fiscal year 2020 is 431 million yuan, and the net profit in 2021 is 212.4 million yuan, realizing the first turnaround from loss to profit.

So how did it turn a profit so quickly?

In terms of income, the number of students has not increased much. The number of new students enrolled in 2021 will be 434,228, and in 2020, it will be 434,240. The gap is only 12 people, so the only way is to increase tuition fees.

On the other hand, it is to press costs hard. The Q4 financial report for fiscal year 2021 is a complete point. In the fourth quarter, the cost was 89.4 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 8.6%, mainly due to the “decrease in cost-related salary expenses”.

It seems that this year is planning to make another brilliant year, and continue to suppress salary costs, starting from disguised deductions and soft layoffs.

This method still has a back-up. If you feel that the cost reduction is not enough, you can continue to reduce the punch-in interval, 4 minutes, 3 minutes, 20 seconds…

It’s a big deal, all the diapers.

This all makes me see the shadow of the Fed’s rate adjustment, I would like to call it.

Adjust the benchmark interest rate to achieve quantitative tightening.

Another important link in cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, efficiency enhancement, can also be accomplished with one stone and two birds with one stone through high-frequency face swiping.

From the perspective of leadership, companies do not need normal employees.

The biggest disadvantage of normal employees is that they are too normal. Without the consciousness of 007, without the fearless dedication of “taking the factory as their home”, they can always see through the pie that I have worked hard to package into an incentive plan.

What the company wants to keep is the kind of employees who have excellent bladder function, who will be settled as soon as they sit down to work, and whose bottom line is very low as long as they can get wages.

In this wave of compliance tests, “hard” coins drive out “soft” coins, allowing teams to be refined, stenciled, and serfized.

The employees who can still stay under various salacious operations have been alienated into work machines with no emotions. This is not the spirit of the wolf, but the spirit of the Iron Godzilla, and the work efficiency is naturally leveraged.

When the time comes, let them carry the workload of the resigned employees and do two jobs alone, and they will definitely have no complaints. After all, they can endure it by swiping their faces every 5 minutes. What else is unacceptable.


From the perspective of cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, it is understandable why this first adult education company was very calm after it was revealed that it installed computer monitoring software overnight.

The reporter went to interview, and the staff of the other party said that the company was communicating within the company, and they would reply after the communication.

This kind of delayed reply shows that the company doesn’t take this seriously at all, and when it encounters negative information, subconscious denials and rumors are too lazy to do it, just do it, you can bite me.

It’s a big deal to say a few words of apology later.

Originally, it was a way to deliberately disgust employees, and let the normal people in the employee group leave quickly, preferably all of them. Therefore, from the standpoint of the company, it is not afraid of being scolded, and it does not care what the employees think, let alone what the public opinion thinks.

They even wish the media would report a lot so that they can achieve the final effect of reducing costs and increasing efficiency as soon as possible.

Although swiping your face every 5 minutes is a typical process management, the actual results are typical result-oriented. Can you describe such a leader as stupid? It can only be said that it is bad with a thick face and a black heart.

Unfortunately, in the evaluation system of enterprise managers, bad is not a derogatory term.

Sometimes the bad guys are better off.

The commercial arena is sometimes so magical.

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