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Jessie :

Sometimes I equate my hometown with not being able to integrate into the locals and blame myself for not working hard, just get what you’re offered, just live like the locals. But then I think about it, it means that I have been exposed to more possibilities and have more choices, why should I What about rejecting these tried-and-true options? Your comfort is the most important thing. Although the local unknown should continue to be explored, don’t force it if you can’t appreciate it.

First of all, if it is really important to feel comfortable with yourself, it seems to answer why we have to talk. Why blog, tweet, and record podcasts? In fact, this is the status quo of Japanese music critics. The vast majority of music review texts are used to help consumers judge whether a work is comfortable for them. And there are very few people who think this is a problem.

I think “hometown stomach” and non-appreciative food from other places need to be treated separately. The sense of taste is not only related to the stomach and taste buds, but also memory. I tried to eat Cantonese food when I was reading some western detective novels, but because of the psychological and spiritual immersion in the western world (current memory), I ended up going for a sandwich. At this point, the sense of taste can be adjusted. If you really want to eat Cantonese food, imagine yourself as a detective sitting in a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco.

As for the food that cannot be appreciated, although there is no need to force it, it is still necessary to find out why the person who likes it likes it. Better to know people who like it. Hang out with her, observe her state, let her slowly invade yourself, and slowly appreciate it. This has something to do with fate, but nowadays everything that is about distance is obviously not helpful for this.

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