Hong Kong Dongbao Restaurant closed

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The reason is a bit strange . This restaurant in North Point is not small, but I have only been there once, and I am not very impressed with what I ate, but I am impressed by the sentence on its menu:

If you are not willing to accept the introduction, please do not ask us to introduce the food!

This is the correct attitude towards comments. I later included it in her Stone of the Mountain along with three other similar passages:

Ichiki: Please don’t make me suffer the stigma of “not being hired” after the interview. (Yamazaki Toyoko “Barren Zone”)

Wang Shixiang: I don’t think the guqin-shaped arm rest is good. It doesn’t look like a qin. It’s nondescript, stingy and tacky.

Shanghai Mingcheng Yellow Fish Noodle Restaurant: “Our shop is slow, impatient, impatient, and preoccupied, please go to another shop”, “This shop is not cheap, please do what you can.”

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