Hongshawan Lakeshore Sightseeing

In December 2015, I went to Lianghewan with my colleagues to build a team building (actually eating and drinking). Recently, because I saw a new Internet celebrity check-in place in Hongshawan not far away on a video website, I decided to go.

Hongshawan Ecological Agriculture Sightseeing Park is located in the south of Taihu Shanshui City Tourist Resort in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, at the intersection of Meiliang Lake and Outer Taihu Lake, covering an area of ​​4 square kilometers and a core area of ​​1.46 square kilometers. Here, Taihu Lake is vast, Crescent Moon Lake Beach, forests and fruits are full of mountains, and camellias are fragrant. It is a natural ecological sightseeing park. There are nearly 1,000 acres of four-season fruit self-picking gardens such as Cuiguan pear, drunk plum, winter jujube, bayberry, loquat, citrus, tea garden, etc. There are also Taihu Cape of Good Hope, Golden Line Gourd, Sightseeing Trail along the Lake, Grass Pavilion on the Lake, Yanbo There are many tourist attractions such as Haomiao Pavilion; there are other leisure and entertainment places such as fishing and pleasure area, Liuwan leisure service area, self-driving camping base, barbecue park, water entertainment and so on. The Hongshawan Ecological Agriculture Sightseeing Area has become a comprehensive ecological sightseeing park integrating fruit tea production functions, tourism and sightseeing functions, agricultural experience functions, and entertainment and leisure functions.

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The newly bought tram comes with L2-level automatic assisted driving. Basically, there is no need to step on the brake on the elevated road. After setting the cruise, you can follow the car in front, which relieves the fatigue of half an hour of travel. Thumbs up!

I deliberately chose to go in the afternoon because the Internet said that the sunset is beautiful. How can you know that it is not as good as the sky, the gloomy weather can only sigh “nairuohe”! It also makes the 20 yuan ticket seem not cost-effective.

“Friendship Cherry Blossom Forest”, this remote corner was the witness of Sino-Japanese friendship in the 1980s! It’s just that when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, they are locked at home due to the epidemic, and they miss the opportunity to shoot.

Friendship Cherry Blossom Forest

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