How do you view Beijing’s recent “bicycle craze” and the difficulty in finding a bike?

The number of people who like it has increased, so let me add: the so-called “cycling fever” is nothing to look at. It’s a hobby, a play, a physical exercise, don’t take it too seriously, this wave after wave, from A very small number of rides become hot, and then to the pit and fever, leaving a very small group of loyal users, and all walks of life cannot escape this rule.

As for why the “riding hot” in the past two years, I don’t care at all, ride if you want, don’t ride if you don’t want to, if you think it’s fun, you can play until you get old It has nothing to do with you. Some people have run marathons for ten years, some have ridden motorcycles for ten years, and some have played badminton for ten years. Those who are not sports hobbies can play for a long time. Some people have grown flowers for 20 years, and some have raised 30 In the year of goldfish, some people have written calligraphy for 40 years, and some people have played with film cameras until they enter the urn.

As for the hard-to-find car, it’s even simpler. It’s just the law of the market. How do you think about it? The answer is that it has nothing to do with you. Are you a car shop, or the director of the R&D department of Suntech, the general agent of Shimano in East China, or the coach of the provincial bicycle team? Are you eating this bowl of rice? Can you change the laws of the market and reverse the market trend? The only thing you can do as a consumer is to pay the right price and get a fair return

What is an appropriate price? Some people think that 18,000 yuan is an appropriate price, and some people think that 1,800 yuan is not unusable. Some people think that half a year is an appropriate price, and some people think that if I pay for it, I will ride away on the spot. You ask yourself which grade is it exactly?

So what is a reasonable return? That is, the original price of 18,000 has not been fired to 28,000, and the 1800 has not been scrapped and fell apart in three months. After waiting for half a year, I can finally post it on the Moments. There are 150 likes. The one who rode on the spot has also climbed the slope for half a year, and the power has increased by 150 watts. You ask yourself which grade is it exactly?

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Hot wool, definitely a small crowd, it is difficult to find a wool for a car, if you have to buy Shimano kits and a new brand large group car, of course it is hard to find a car, domestic carbon frame dismantling aluminum wheel Shuntai kit KMC chain, within three days If you don’t have a car, you strangle me with the Jiawei line pipe. If you are not too picky, believe it or not, it can be done in three days including express delivery.

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