How long will it take for the krypton gold card draw mechanism to be banned?

I’m speaking again.

All countries are actually promoting the relevant supervision of krypton gold draw cards, and the accusations related to gambling are not once or twice. Practitioners can’t say that this mechanism is a good mechanism that is willing to fight and suffer because they eat this meal well. In fact, it will affect a lot of judgment.


In many countries, legislation and regulations related to loot boxes have been tightened in the past few years. Therefore, everyone emphasizes that “pulling the card out of the box and krypton gold does not bring direct cash income, so it is not suitable for supervision or should not be supervised” is not in line with the facts and has the nature of stealing bells .

In addition, there has been more than one case around the world, emphasizing the gambling nature of loot boxes. The topic described by the title “Although in-game recharge is very profitable, it is not fundamentally different from gambling” to a large extent, which is in line with the overall loot box by the national regulatory authorities (who have paid attention to the lootbox issue). view.

We have reason to believe that the krypton gold card drawing mechanism will not be the final and optimal solution for game commercialization . Judging from the current trend, games, especially F2P game fees, are likely to change due to compliance requirements. In other words, the needs of the regulatory authorities will make the krypton gold card drawing mechanism at least milder, and more effective (not necessarily more effective) and compliant charging mechanisms will appear.

Of course, the ban will not be so fast, but this is actually a question of balance game, and it has nothing to do with whether the krypton gold draw card mechanism is gambling.

Without arguing about the specific definition, I will directly put relevant examples. Next, I will mix the loot box and card draw krypton according to the context.

  • China

In the “Interim Measures for the Management of Online Games” implemented by the Ministry of Culture on May 1, 2017, relevant regulations have been made on card-drawing krypton gold, which are summarized as follows:

1. Online game manufacturers (including mobile game manufacturers) are not allowed to use legal currency or legal virtual currency to directly participate in the game lottery;

2. The probability of the game lottery and the combined probability must be announced;

3. The results of players participating in the lottery shall be randomly selected and announced and reported;

4. After the game suspends the service, the unused recharge amount shall be returned to the user.

  • U.K.
  1. UK health agency NHS accuses Loot box of gambling

In January 2020, the UK National Health Service (NHS) stated on its official website that Loot boxes can lead to gambling addiction in teenagers. Mental health director Claire Murdoch said:

“Frankly, no company should make kids addicted to gamble by pumping loot boxes. No company should sell kids a game of pumping boxes with this randomness factor, so yeah, These sales should end.”

Link: Country’s top mental health nurse warns video games pushing young people into ‘under the radar’ gambling

2. The British House of Lords pointed out that the card-drawing mechanism should be immediately reclassified as “gambling”

The British House of Lords released the latest gaming industry report on July 3, 2020, stating that the long-controversial in-game loot box mechanism should be regarded as gambling, in-game or e-sports betting and should be included in the British ” 2005 GamingAct , and sets out the following restrictions:

  1. Public betting advertising for esports events is prohibited.
  2. Players under the age of 16 are prohibited from using the Loot box and other similar functions.
  3. Slow down the player’s “open” Loot box, so that it is no faster than the actual gambling speed in the casino, to avoid a vicious dependence on the Loot box.

Link: House of Lords calls for loot boxes to be immediately reclassified as gambling

3. British game research scholars pointed out that the Loot box mechanism has caused the increase in the proportion of British children’s gambling problems

This article will not carry the specific content, but one point to emphasize: Although the krypton gold card drawing does not bring actual benefits, the virtual items themselves are valuable, and there are unofficial channels for virtual item transactions or virtual account transactions. .

Link: Gambling: ‘loot boxes’ in video games could be conditioning children

A study mentioned in the article shows that there is a direct link between the krypton gold drawing mechanism and gambling problems.

Link: Video game loot boxes are linked to problem gambling: Results of a large-scale survey

  • U.S.
  1. U.S. senators propose a bill to ban the sale of Loot boxes to children, with bipartisan support:

Sen. Josh Hawley, a Republican himself, formally introduced his bill to ban the sale of Loot boxes to children on May 23, 2019, and two of his Democratic colleagues have signed on to support it.

Hawley’s “Protect Children from Abusive Gaming Act”, if approved, would prohibit video game companies from selling Loot boxes to children under 18, and would make it illegal for games aimed at minors to include pay-for-profit mechanisms. If game companies are found to have illegally included these features in games aimed at minors, they will be subject to financial penalties.

Link: Bill to ban the sale of loot boxes to children presses forward with bipartisan support

2. ESRB grading adds Loot box related grading labels:

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) announced today (April 13, 2020) a new label to indicate that games will offer in-game purchases of Loot boxes or similar types of items that provide random rewards to players.

According to ESRB regulations, this new label “In-Game Purchases (including random items)” will be assigned to any in-game offering that includes in-game offerings with real-world currency (or with virtual currency or other forms of purchasable with real-world currency). currency) games where players buy digital goods or benefits without knowing the specific digital goods or benefits they will receive (e.g. loot chests, item packs, mystery rewards) before making the purchase. This tag will apply to “Loot boxes, Krypton Gold Gacha, item or card packs, prize wheels, treasure chests, etc.

Link: ESRB introduces a new label to indicate that a game has loot boxes

  • Canada

EA was hit with a class action lawsuit in Canada. Accused of profiting from an illegal gambling business by selling random boxes for money.

“Gambling is strictly controlled and licensed in Canada. In violation of these laws, the defendants (EA) operated an unlicensed illegal gambling system through their Loot box mechanism,” the lawsuit states. “Through this lawsuit, Canadian consumers hope to hold the defendants accountable for this unlawful conduct and recover their losses.”

Link: Loot box lawsuit claims Electronic Arts ran an ‘unlicensed, illegal gaming system’

In addition, both the Netherlands and Belgium have express laws stating that Loot boxes are completely illegal or legal under limited conditions. In 2012, Japan enacted legislation to prohibit the completely random krypton gold card drawing mechanism.

Netherlands related:

Loot boxes & Netherlands Gaming Authority’s findings | Dutch Games Association

The Netherlands Starts Enforcing Its Loot Box Ban – IGN

Belgium: _ _ 9674333 _

Japan: tail.aspx ?g=9207df10-a8a2-4f67-81c3-6a148a6100e2

To sum up, the issue of krypton gold drawing cards is an issue that the relevant regulatory authorities attach great importance to in major game markets around the world. More or less restricted and controlled. In addition, from the perspective of researchers, the krypton gold card drawing mechanism itself is closely related to the problem of gambling, which is far from the essential difference that most practitioners think.


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