How long will the immunity to the new crown last?

Reinfection with the new crown was rare until the Omicron variant appeared. A team of scientists at Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar, led by Laith Abu-Raddad, estimated the effectiveness of a single infection with a delta or earlier variant of the virus in preventing reinfection in vaccinated and unvaccinated people Sex is about 90%. ” But Omicron does change that number ,” says infectious disease epidemiologist Abu-Raddad. His research found that after the emergence of Omicron, the protection rate of past infection against re-infection was only about 50%. The spike protein of the new coronavirus has undergone a large number of mutations, making the new mutant strain more infectious and better at evading immunity. This means that after recovering from an earlier, non-Omicron infection, you can still get Omicron. You might even get sick from one Omicron variant and then get sick with a newer Omicron subtype. A study published in October 2021 estimated that people could be reinfected three months after being infected with the new coronavirus. The study did not take into account new mutants such as Omicron, which are completely different from previous mutants. Because Omicron is extremely unique, it may cause the body’s defenses to decay faster. In a yet-to-be-peer-reviewed study published in February, scientists from Denmark found that some people were re-infected with Omicron BA.2 20 days after infection with the original Omicron BA.1 virus. subtype strain.

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