How much sugar is in a 500ml bottle of beer?

I have been engaged in wine information research for a long time, and I have a very clear definition of the sugar content of wine. I have little contact with beer. However, the basic principle of sugar content determination in wine is quite different from each wine type, so I will also answer.

But unlike wine, beer is a beverage that allows additives, so it is not an easy task to measure the sugar content in beer. The following information is for reference only.

source of sugar in beer

The raw materials for brewing beer are mainly grains (barley), hops, yeast and water. Among the grains, barley is the most used, because it is high in enzymes, which, after being macerated, sprouted, and dried and dehydrated, produce enzymes that convert starch into fermentable sugars. This is the main source of sugar in beer.

During beer fermentation, maltose accounts for about 80-90% of beer fermented sugars.

Sugar is the basic carbohydrate unit and exists in the form of monosaccharide, disaccharide, oligosaccharide and polysaccharide. Maltose is a disaccharide, and one maltose = 2 glucose.

During fermentation, in order to save effort, the yeast will only choose to eat the glucose in the maltose that has been converted into monosaccharides, and those unconverted polysaccharides will be put aside.

The fermentation principle of any wine is the same, as shown in the figure:


Therefore, in the fermented beer, most of the sugar is converted into alcohol, the sugar content becomes very low, but the carbohydrate content is high (it can be understood as the unconverted part of the maltose, because the body cannot digest them, so it is considered calorie-free) . Here’s a look at it: While we don’t see sugar on the beer’s ingredient list, virtually every beer contains some sugar left over from the fermentation of grains.

In addition, the sugar content in beer also takes into account the influence of another raw material: water, that is, “beer specific gravity”. The density of wort relative to water at each stage of fermentation is related to the sugar concentration of the wort. The higher the sugar concentration, the higher the gravity of the wort. The alcohol content of the beer increases as the sugar content of the wort decreases during fermentation, which means lower gravity. The difference between the initial and final gravity of the beer is how much sugar in the wort is converted to alcohol.

*Carbohydrates contain sugar, fat and fiber.

sugar content in beer

But don’t worry, there is a foreign comparison of the sugar content of 100ml of ordinary beer and the same amount of other drinks:

regular beer 1 g
Coca Cola 10.6 grams
Orange juice 7.8 grams
cappuccino 4.3 grams

It can be seen that the sugar content of beer is indeed not high, even lower than that of coffee and juice. For those who control weight and lose weight, Happy Fat House Water should have long ago stayed away, haha!

The sugar content of different types of beer will also vary. Compare the different types of beer at 355ml:

beer type carb content sugar content
regular beer 12.8g /
non-alcoholic beer 28.5g 28.5g
light beer 5.81g 0.3 g
sugar free beer 2.6g /
  • Regular beer is completely sugar-free, but its carb content should have a negative impact on blood sugar levels, to estimate.
  • As a direct result of the different yeasts used in regular and pale beer brewing, the beer usually has a higher alcohol content and lower sugar content.
  • Many people overlook that non-alcoholic beer actually contains a lot of sugar, because its sugar is not converted into alcohol.
  • Sugar-free beer, also known as low-carbon beer, is a new type of healthy beer. According to data calculations, the carbohydrates of sugar-free beer are reduced by more than 56% and the calories are reduced by more than 36%. There is still some controversy about it. After all, it is a new type of product. Further information is pending.

In this way, except for non-alcoholic beer, the sugar content of other beers is indeed not high.

How much sugar is in a 500ml bottle of beer?

Do many people think that the sugar content in 500ml of beer can be calculated by digital conversion? of course not.

As mentioned earlier, the sugar content of beer is difficult to measure, in addition to the specific gravity of the beer, the type of yeast strain used for fermentation, and the manufacturer’s starting point. In order to add different flavors to the beer, the manufacturer may add ingredients such as honey and corn syrup to the beer brewing, so it is necessary to determine the sugar content of each beer and look at the ingredient list on the wine label.

But it can be confirmed that the sugar content in 500ml of ordinary beer will not be higher than the sugar content of non-alcoholic beer.

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