How to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival

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In the past, a popular congratulation method was: Happy ** Festival

Whether it’s the Spring Festival, the National Day, the Mid-Autumn Festival, or the Dragon Boat Festival. Probably no one said that on Qingming Festival.

I don’t know when it started, but a saying emerged that the Dragon Boat Festival cannot be said to be happy:

Because the Dragon Boat Festival is used to commemorate Qu Yuan, it is a day of sacrifice, so it should be solemn and sad. Later, the story of the filial daughter Cao E throwing into the river and Wu Zixu’s body being sunk in the river was also introduced, which also needs to be very solemn and sad. In this statement, a person called Professor Yang Guangyu, an expert on intangible cultural heritage, appeared, saying that he told everyone that the Dragon Boat Festival must not wish people happiness.

Since he is an intangible cultural heritage expert and professor, he should have an encyclopedia. I searched and found only Yang Guangyu, a doctor of science from Wuhan University, and Yang Guangyu, a researcher at Shanghai Jiaotong University Institute of Life Science and Technology. It should be an unsubstantiated name.

Don’t say happiness, what do you say?

Happy Dragon Boat Festival.


A basic objective fact is that it is very unreliable to say that the Dragon Boat Festival should be solemn, sad and not happy.

Therefore, many people are very disgusted with “Dragon Boat Festival Ankang” and feel that it is purely a rumor that bullies people and has no culture. When this kind of thinking rises up, you will feel that people who say that the Dragon Boat Festival is healthy are not literate – you see, how easy it is to be fooled.

From the Baidu Index, we can see that the Dragon Boat Festival in 2015 was the Dragon Boat Festival when the word Ankang became popular:

Considering that the number of people who talk about well-being has been increasing in the past two years, which has crushed the number of people who talk about happiness, this kind of idiot who thinks he pretends to be a cultured person is more and more resentful and resentful, understandably more and more fierce.

Someone diss this matter, rising to a very high level:

The people who made up the Dragon Boat Festival “can’t say happy” obviously did not want people to really miss Qu Yuan and value traditional festival culture, but used seemingly “tall and correct” arguments to influence everyone’s emotions and restrain people’s behavior. Seriously, it is a “black burqa” that invades the cultural realm, depriving you of happiness and making you feel that it is justified. Although the Dragon Boat Festival has not yet become “unhappy”, it has successfully penetrated into people’s lives. This phenomenon must be vigilant. Just under the guise of “correct”, people are willing to be “black burqas” It is trapped and spreads like a virus. Until this year’s Dragon Boat Festival, there is still no sign of subsidence.

Take Fang’s owner’s Weibo

The Weibo certification of the owner of Xiefang is: a researcher in the history of clothing, the author of “Q-version Daming Clothes and Crowns”, and a member of the Ming Dynasty Emperor Mausoleum Research Association.

I do think that the statement of the black burqa is a little exaggerated.

After all, the Sapir-Wolf hypothesis is, after all, a hypothesis.


**Happy, it does mean a bit tired.

Suddenly, “Ankang” appeared, and it looked very elegant, and it was okay to use it. Although the so-called reason behind it is extremely unreliable.

It has been seven years from 15 years to today, and the Dragon Boat Festival has become a habit that is taking place in the contemporary era. There is absolutely no need to feel sad that so many people are being fooled. In my opinion, two situations are not advisable:

First, it is very serious to correct others that it is wrong to say that the Dragon Boat Festival is happy. After all, your reason is itself absurd.

Second, when others are using the Dragon Boat Festival to be healthy and they don’t say that using happiness is wrong, they must say that people are poisoned by rumors. This is really a bit of a jerk.

In these two situations, the essence is the same: it can only be like this, and it can’t be like that.

Why should comrades? Each is beautiful, isn’t it?


Another nonsensical debate on the Dragon Boat Festival is whether the zongzi is sweet or salty.

It is said that sweet rice dumplings were popular in ancient times. Eating rice dumplings on the Dragon Boat Festival is a historical heritage, so sweet rice dumplings should be eaten.

This reason is also quite funny. If sweet rice dumplings were popular in ancient times, the reason is very simple. In ancient times, sweets were luxury goods – in fact, until the middle and late last century, sugar was a luxury in our country. It’s hard to come across a festival, so naturally you have to find a reason to make a tooth sacrifice.

Digressing and saying, if the Dragon Boat Festival is a little sad, I don’t really understand why I want to eat sweets that make people feel good.

The taste of this thing, the environment in childhood is very important. For example, I did eat a lot of meat dumplings when I was young. In my eyes, let alone the so-called sweet dumplings, even salty dumplings have no two pieces of meat in them, so how can they be eaten?

But that’s just my preference too. In my eyes, meat dumplings are the authentic ones, what they should look like, and the best in the world. This is only in my eyes.

I actually didn’t understand one thing for a long time:

Why do you want to be so serious about things like this that don’t need to be serious at all? It has to rise all the way to the noble sense of inheritance, history, culture, national quintessence, and so on.

because. . . ?


A social animal friend of mine said to me:

I always say happy holidays.


But it wouldn’t make much sense for her to say that to me—but I’m too lazy to point it out, with four or five months of vacation a year.

After all, holiday congratulations, aren’t you congratulating yourself?

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