How to evaluate the 31st episode of the animation “New Qin Shi Ming Yue”?

Hello everyone, the thirty-first episode of “New Qin Shi Mingyue” has aired.

First of all, let’s answer the question of Fan Zeng’s dubbing in recent episodes.

Qin fans and friends have already heard that Fan Zeng’s dubbing effect is somewhat different from the previous one. This is because Fan Zeng’s dubbing in these episodes was recorded by the dubbing teacher at home during the epidemic. Due to the limitations of venues and equipment, the quality of the dubbing will be affected to a certain extent. I hope you can understand and bear with me.


In the plot of this episode, Shaoyu and Tianming respectively obtained their own natal weapons – the broken formation overlord spear and the non-attack. Compared with the old version, we have strengthened Shaoyu’s performance in obtaining the Overlord Spear, and emphasized the Mohist’s proficiency in mechanical techniques through more detailed mechanism design. In order to achieve the expected effect, we designed a more complex leading mechanism that can be divided into two parts; and optimized the transmission details of the mechanism to improve the realism of Shaoyu’s extraction of the Overlord Spear from the mechanism.



After the foreshadowing of the previous episode, the test that Tianming will go through in the chivalrous way is finally revealed. The mechanism of Xia Dao is generally composed of two parts: one is the non-striking team composed of many small organs, bronze figures, their positions are fixed, they will not move, and they will only repeatedly chop on the spot after the mechanism is triggered; the other is The second is the bronze figure, a big organ with one to one hundred. It can identify the location of the intruder according to the hidden organs on the ground, and rely on the flexible movement to follow closely behind it to carry out precise strikes.

You can probably see that although the small organization bronze figurine is huge, it is mainly designed to add a sense of chaos, and the actual danger is not very high; the real lethality is still the big organization bronze figurine. If it is released to fight in the forbidden area of ​​the Mo family, then it will undoubtedly become an early human Gundam with outstanding combat power. If its manufacturing technology is mastered by the public losers who are mainly attacking and killing, I am afraid its mission is not to protect the non-offensive, but to become a siege weapon that gallops on the battlefield.



In addition to his own wit and courage, Tianming’s ability to successfully select the non-attack this time is also due to the perfect combination of Tianming and Yue’er. Two people work together to complete the chivalrous challenge without any risk.

In the face of danger and difficulty, it is actually a very lucky thing to have partners and friends to face it together. Do you have such a partner by your side? The summer vacation is approaching, and we can spend more time with our friends. To all Qin fans who are facing the graduation season, I wish you all the best of luck in finding a satisfactory job, and at the same time finding a goal to strive for and work hard for in the future.


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