How to rent a car in Serbia

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The UK has a right-hand drive, and the car drives on the left side of the road. There are also some other countries in the world that are the same as the UK, most of which are the Commonwealth of Nations such as Australia, and Japan.

This time I went to Serbia, I thought it would be more convenient to rent a car for traveling. When I traveled to Northern Ireland before, I also traveled by car. I rented a car in Northern Ireland. At that time, I rented a manual transmission for cheaper, but later found out that it still needs to be automatic. It is easier to use the manual transmission, because the manual transmission is not familiar with the clutch position of the new car.

Before departure, I was still a little worried. I was afraid that it would be troublesome if the car was on the other side of the road. After all I first drove in the UK and have never driven outside of the UK.

After the plane landed, I went through customs, took my luggage, exchanged some local currency dinars (Dina, currency symbol RSD), and then bought two Sim cards at a counter – 600 dinars for 5 days of 5GB traffic. Then I asked the airport security where to pick up the car. The security guard told me in broken English that I could just walk straight out of the airport and look at the sign.

We have a 20kg checked luggage. Fortunately, the road is not far away. The pick-up place is opposite the airport. The car rental company this time is payless. It’s just a small counter, and there are many other car rental companies next to it. I chose it on booking, and I picked a company with a relatively cheap price at that time.

UK driving license to rent a car and drive in Serbia

A British driver’s license Full Driving License can drive in Serbia. You can drive on the road within 6 months, and you have to take a local driver’s license after 6 months. You can apply for a Chinese driver’s license in the UK for one year, and after one year you have to take the UK driver’s license test. The regulations are different in different countries and regions. It is recommended to check carefully before traveling.

The car rental company asked for my passport and British driver’s license , and I paid a fee of about 1200 RSD (about £9). It’s something else, but it’s not clear anyway, and it was impossible to use the car because of 9 pounds under the circumstances at the time.

don’t drive to kosovo

The car rental company said not to go to Kosovo, because it is very messy there, and my manager also said that there is another system in Kosovo, and the license plate needs to be changed, otherwise it may cause you trouble if you see that you have a Serbian license plate. Kosovo is more than 300 kilometers south of the capital Belgrade, which is a bit far away. I didn’t plan to go there this time.

rented-car-in-belgrade-serbia-return-day-check-scaled 在塞尔维亚(Serbia)租车自驾游攻略 游记 资讯

I took photos and videos on the day I returned the car. The license plate number is BG2650LK, BG is Belgrade, and a BG2650?? car not responding

rented-car-in-belgrade-serbia-on-the-day-scaled 在塞尔维亚(Serbia)租车自驾游攻略 游记 资讯

Small white Ford car rented by payless company in Belgrade, Serbia August 2023

The rented car is a four-seater oil tram FORD PUMA 1.0 AUT Ford. Parking next to the rental car counter.

avis-ford-puma-1.0-aut 在塞尔维亚(Serbia)租车自驾游攻略 游记 资讯

The ID book of the rented car, the car rental company said that if you are stopped on the road, you should show this to the police

Also, I was charged 90,000 RSD (about 800 pounds, I paid with Wirex card, so the exchange rate is very low, only about 1:110, and the Wise exchange rate is 1:136 on the same day), saying it is a car deposit, and it will be paid at that time Deduct the number of journeys the car was rented before returning to me. If the car is damaged, it will also be deducted from the deposit.

Fortunately, the automatic transmission is selected, which saves trouble, otherwise, it will definitely be in a hurry under the complicated road conditions in a strange country, which is even more unsafe.

car-hired-internal-view-scaled 在塞尔维亚(Serbia)租车自驾游攻略 游记 资讯

The configuration of this car is very new, it should be a gasoline-electric hybrid

Gasoline fees in Serbia

Before returning the car, I have to fill up the gas myself. I went to the airport on the day I returned to the UK and passed by a gas station to fill it up. It cost about 12 pounds. Because I didn’t drive much, I just went back and forth to the airport, and I went to the next day. A lake drove.

Added about 8.6 L of petrol, £11.65 (1599 RSD dinars)

add-petrol-before-returning-a-hired-car 在塞尔维亚(Serbia)租车自驾游攻略 游记 资讯

Before returning the car, you have to fill up the gas – 1 liter of gasoline costs 186 dinars, which is equivalent to 1.35 pounds, which is cheaper than the UK, which is about 1.5 pounds at the same time

Driving is not recommended in downtown Belgrade

The hotel staff said that it is not recommended to drive in the urban area, because the traffic regulations are complicated and parking is troublesome. On the first day, I drove carefully to the side of the hotel, but I couldn’t find a parking space. Later, I flashed double flashes on the side of the road, and then went to find the hotel. The front desk parked my car for me.

The hotel is on a slope, so it’s really not easy to park. After the hotel staff helped me park the car, they kindly helped me take my luggage in.

You can take a taxi in the city center. The hotel staff called a taxi for us, or you can use a mobile phone app to get it, but we find it troublesome.

Parking payment problem in the center of Belgrade Belgrade, Serbia

Parking is a big problem. It is different from the UK. There are no payment machines on the roadside. Usually, you send an SMS to write the license plate, and then the parking fee will be deducted from the mobile phone limit. The SIM card we bought at the airport is If there is no quota, calls and text messages will say that the balance is insufficient.

how-to-pay-parking-fee-by-sms-in-belgrade-serbia 在塞尔维亚(Serbia)租车自驾游攻略 游记 资讯

The method of paying the parking fee written by the staff of the Belgrade Hotel in Serbia is to send text messages to different numbers for parking signs of different colors

It’s so troublesome. Parking at the entrance of the hotel is 15 euros a day. So, if you’re only playing in the city center, it’s better to take a taxi. However, the hotel staff said that there were drivers who robbed customers and asked for 50 euros. It is recommended to agree on the price before getting on the bus, or ask the driver to reset the counter. When we went to the boat on the third day, we took a taxi, which took about 20 minutes and cost about 10 pounds.

Driving Experience in Serbia with UK Driver’s License

Let’s talk about driving. I’m used to driving in the UK, and I’m not used to it. First, I often forget to look at the rearview mirror in the middle, and then I often stay on the right side of the road because the reference line is different. Often I The daughter-in-law said not to lean too far to the right, and broke out in a cold sweat.

my-wife-in-a-hired-car-scaled 在塞尔维亚(Serbia)租车自驾游攻略 游记 资讯

My daughter-in-law said that the space in front of the car is a bit small, and I can’t fit her long legs haha

driving-car-in-belgrade 在塞尔维亚(Serbia)租车自驾游攻略 游记 资讯

The first time I drove in a foreign country, I was still on the other side of the road, walking on eggshells

belgrade-city-scaled 在塞尔维亚(Serbia)租车自驾游攻略 游记 资讯

Drive in a rented car from Belgrade Belgrade Airport to the hotel

In addition, the carousel is completely opposite. To enter the carousel, you have to let the car on the left. The first time I entered the carousel, I dared not go. The car on the right greeted me and let me pass. Another time, I was honked by the car on the left. I didn’t brake out of the car and hit it, I was really scared after thinking about it.

Five days and four nights Serbia (Serbia) Belgrade (Belgrade) travel strategy

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Renting a car in Serbia (Serbia) self-driving travel strategy . ( AMP mobile acceleration version )

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