Licensing doesn’t really make a difference

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When I was sleeping at night, my wife asked me: “It seems that nothing has changed after getting the certificate?”

I replied: “Yes, nothing has changed”.

My wife used to think that getting a certificate was a very important thing. From her perspective, receiving the certificate made her feel that the city of Tianjin will further give her value and sense of existence.

But in my opinion, obtaining the certificate will not make our life much different. Obtaining the certificate will not change the way we get along with each other, and obtaining the certificate will not change our living conditions. It’s time to eat chicken stewed mushrooms tonight, and it’s still chicken stewed mushrooms.

From another perspective, obtaining a certificate has also brought about a difference in our lives. Our mindset starts to change, we are no longer an individual. We started with a new identity: Someone’s husband/wife. We are no longer just for ourselves. We can be each other’s family members when we need to sign critical illness notices in the hospital.

But in any case, life is always evolving in a better direction. The sun always rises, and life always goes on as usual.

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