How to send different messages to different people in batches on WeChat and QQ?

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如何在微信、QQ 批量给不同人发送不同的信息?

In the question channel, @CCR asked for a software that can send different content information to different people, such as:

  • Send jsbkzhakoai28hxb to A
  • send xi19d6evjzjaohz7 to B
  • send uq8ehxkq8qosjg to C

If you can call qq, WeChat is better.

This is really a must-have feature for workers from all walks of life. There are two solutions.

@lilyhcn1 classmates provided their own writing tools, called WeChat batch pay slips , through Excel and WeChat PC version, to achieve this just-needed function. Watch the video:

The video is a bit long, I believe students who just need it will have the patience to watch it.


@CCR classmate wrote one based on the software idea of ​​lilyhcn1: thanks for the idea provided by the big guy, wrote one with aardio (time is tight, the interface is not optimized), it is… very good: /t/topic/33638/13

如何在微信、QQ 批量给不同人发送不同的信息? 1

Enter the QQ number on the left, and enter the corresponding text on the right (automatically send without confirmation), and the black window is used for error checking (generally, there are no bugs, after all, the amount of code is too small).

And also provided the code in the forum.

The above two softwares are given to those who are destined😂


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