Huamei Haolian completed the A+ round of financing, led by Jinshajiang Venture Capital

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Chuangyebang was informed that recently, Huamei Haolian announced that it has completed tens of millions of yuan in A+ round of financing. This financing was led by Jinshajiang Venture Capital Fund, and the A-round leading investors Ventech China and Langrun Investment followed. When the capital market is relatively calm, the entry of front-line capital is not only optimistic about the field of health management services, but also a recognition of the value of Huamei Haolian.

It is understood that after the completion of the financing, Huamei Haolian will continue to polish technology, upgrade iterative digital capabilities, accelerate the research and development of innovative health insurance products, expand business and operation teams, and further expand top medical institutions and insurance customers, so as to provide Chinese patients with more comprehensive and comprehensive services. health management services and health insurance products.

As the lead investor of this round of financing, Zhu Xiaohu, managing partner of Jinsha River Venture Capital Fund, introduced that investing in Huamei Haolian is a decision made after a comprehensive study and judgment of its development stage and potential.

Zhu Xiaohu said that China’s commercial health insurance market is still in a booming stage with great growth potential. The market size of nearly 900 billion yuan in 2021 is expected to reach 2 trillion yuan in 2025, and grow at an annual rate of 20-30% CAGR. The essence of health insurance is closely integrated with health management, and commercial insurance also needs professional health management institutions to provide scientific and effective health services and high-quality medical resource support. The combination of the two will gradually become the industry standard.

“Huamei Haolian has a unique positioning, which not only establishes long-term and in-depth cooperative relationships with top medical institutions at home and abroad, but also solves the core pain points of health insurance + medical services, creating a multi-party cooperation between the user side, the medical institution side and the insurance institution side. A new model of sustainable development. We expect Huamei Haolian to bring innovative and progressive industry value to the fields of insurance and medical and health management through its efficient implementation capabilities, professional and compliant service capabilities.” Zhu Xiaohu said.

Intime Capital, the lead investor of the A round, continues to be optimistic about Huamei Haolian. Eric Huet, the founding and managing partner of Intime Capital, said that with the deepening of China’s medical reform, the separation of medicine and the gradual participation of diversified commercial health insurance in the medical security system, commercial The spring of insurance has arrived.

In this context, Huamei Haolian has combined China’s digital health management and health insurance, and has been at the forefront of the industry. Huamei Haolian has quickly formed a huge health management community through health management services, which not only meets the needs of hospitals and patients, but also establishes a better service system for insurance companies, and realizes the whole link of services from insurance actuarial to risk control and compensation. “Since contact Huamei Haolian, we have actively cooperated with the team to provide the team with resources of various large enterprises, insurance companies and community customers, and will also explore the future development direction of the industry together with Huamei Haolian.”

Although there are uncertainties in the overall macro market, such as changes in the epidemic situation and the domestic and foreign economic environment, Xu Bingyu believes that opportunities and challenges coexist, and the combination of digital health management services and health insurance where Huamei Haolian is located still has favorable space.

On the one hand, the epidemic has increased people’s attention to health awareness, and people have gradually accepted the digital management model as a supplement or even a partial replacement for the traditional medical treatment model; Layout from the perspective of research and development, occupy the first-mover advantage, and accurately grasp customer needs and service experience.

After more than 4 years of development, Huamei Haolian has successfully built a one-stop health management service platform by linking the clinical end and the commercial insurance end, and continuously improving the health management service platform through informatization, digitalization and intelligent means. Innovation is the source of business iteration for Huamei Haolian. In the past year, Huamei Haolian has “plunged” into technology and product research and development, and has successfully realized the iterative upgrade of technology products and market services.

First of all, Huamei Haolian successfully obtained the Internet hospital license, and successfully built a digital health management service platform system around pre-diagnosis, diagnosis and post-diagnosis. The system consists of three parts: one, SaaS service modules can be configured quickly and flexibly according to different usage scenarios and user needs, so that different applications can be called on demand and combined freely and flexibly; the second is real-time update, automatic analysis and intelligent tracking. The data management center; the third is intelligent triage and intelligent disease knowledge map.

Secondly, Huamei Haolian completed the iterative upgrade of millions of medical insurance, elderly medical insurance, long-term critical illness insurance and exclusive medical insurance for teenagers; it also innovatively developed overseas special drug insurance for tumors, exclusive medical insurance for lung nodules and thyroid groups, New types of insurance such as rectal cancer insurance, stomach cancer insurance, dental insurance and eye insurance.

Finally, Huamei Haolian is also vigorously expanding and deepening its cooperation with insurance companies. Huamei Haolian provides marketing and customer acquisition and customer service system building services for commercial insurance companies, jointly develops innovative insurance products, and deeply binds with its own health management services, providing C-end users with a combination of health management and health insurance. Precise service.

As of the end of May 2022, Huamei Haolian has reached cooperation with 57 insurance companies, covering 80% of target insurance customers, and the repurchase rate of insurance customers is 100%. It is worth mentioning that since 2022, 60% of Huamei Haolian’s commercial insurance projects are long-term cooperation models with a term of 3 years or more.


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