Hunter Biological Receives 10 Million RMB Strategic Investment

Huntarray Bio is a company focusing on the development of genetic diagnosis products such as tuberculosis. It is located in the provincial technology business incubator – Rudong Life and Health Industrial Park. It was established in December 2014 with a registered capital of 27 million and has an exclusive “Huntarray chip” ( Hunting array chip) platform patented technology, a series of chip products, developed chip automatic detection, genetic diagnosis supporting equipment, with anti-pollution nucleic acid colloidal gold test strip platform patented technology and products. The National Development and Reform Commission’s 2017 New Year’s No. 1 document supports the development of molecular diagnostic testing instruments, including biochip readers, biochip hybridizers, biochip washing and drying instruments, etc., and its automation equipment integrates the first three instruments into one, which is far from advanced. far exceeding the requirements of the National Development and Reform Commission. Recently completed financing of 10 million yuan, exclusively invested by Chizi Fund. This round of financing is mainly used for product line development and expansion of sales channels.

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