Huue raises $14.6 million in Series A funding

Huue is a biosynthetic dye provider dedicated to developing a proprietary biosynthetic dye to replace the harmful chemicals often used in conventional dyeing processes, helping the fashion and textile industries to produce a more earth-friendly green Apparel, the azure blue dye developed is mainly used in the dyeing process of denim, and the customers include global mainstream jeans production brands. On the other hand, the dye solutions provided by Huue are not limited to the denim and fashion industries, and may also be used in the food and beverage and cosmetics industries in the future. Huue recently announced that it has received US$14.6 million in Series A financing. This round of financing was led by Material Impact. The previous round of investors IndieBio, iGlobe and HSBC Investment Management’s Climate Tech VC, Nobel Prize winner and CRISPR technology inventor Jennifer Doudna , Professor Jamie Cate participated in this round of financing.

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