I dreamed of my first love girl classmate last night

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I haven’t had a dream for a long time, and I can still remember this dream last night. The past gradually reappeared in my mind. The first love is a pure emotion in my memory. Maybe now it seems that this is my first experience of love in adolescence. I think about it later or meet with fate, and I hope she has a good life.

My first love, she was a classmate who was younger than me. At that time, when the freshman first came, the girls in the class joked (to the effect of asking me to find a girlfriend in the freshman), I didn’t take it seriously, it may be because of mental retardation I still don’t know how to find a girlfriend. One day, this female classmate seemed to be asking someone to say that she liked me, and then she kept using the IC card of the dormitory to contact me. The first time I met her was when she said she had something to take a leave of absence to go home and agreed to meet at the school gate. That day, I jumped over the wall and skipped class and went out to see her at the school gate, but I didn’t go there. She looked a little different from what I imagined, and after a while Watching her ride away in the car. The first time we met was like this.

When I made friends with her, I thought that most of the classmates around me had girlfriends. If someone likes it, let’s talk about it. Later, we met at the entrance of the school auditorium, and there was one more person in my life who cared about me. I remember taking her to an Internet cafe for a night out when I was with her. I had fun playing in front of the computer, but she fell asleep on the chair. It was the first time she saw me smoking and asked me to smoke less. Back at the school gate in the morning, she ran to the store and bought me bread. That’s what a woman thinks of me all the time, and I was too stupid to know what she wanted.

When I was about to graduate, she came out less often in the afternoon. At that time, I thought she was unwilling to come down. There was some misunderstanding of her at that time. It was not until she gave me a love cross stitch pillow when I graduated that I knew that she was the one who made this gift in the dormitory before the evening self-study. This gift may be the only thing I think about together with her. It is still in the closet of my hometown. My wife took it out and washed it for me a few years ago.

These are some memories of my acquaintance with my first love. The last time I saw her was 10 years ago. Now I think about my first love because I failed a good girl. She should have had her wedding birthday now, and I just hope she can live happily ever after.

Just now I turned on the computer and wanted to find some records about my relationship with her. QQ may have a lot of information. I searched the space to leave a message and couldn’t find any information. Wechat and phone contact were also 10 years ago, and suddenly a thought came to my mind. QQ number…but not her.

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