I often feel that I am a very weak person

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I haven’t written a blog for four months, so let’s do a no update update.

I downloaded a lot of albums and stuffed them into the hard drive, and every once in a while, I changed a bunch of albums and stuffed them into my phone to listen to them exhaustively. Even singers who have been listening to them for a long time often found one day that they had a good song.

But there is one album that I have hardly moved out of my phone: Tiger Roaring Dragon Rush ’95 Concert Record by the Little Tigers. It’s hard to say how much I like the Little Tigers, and I don’t have any childhood filters or green feelings. What makes me put this album into my phone every time is what Su Yongpeng said when he sang “Treasure”:

I often feel that I am a very weak person. When I encounter setbacks, I often feel that there is no way out and I want to give up, but you must not see it.

This passage may be his decision to drop out of college. In the early 1990s, when the groupies were criticized by all kinds of words, it is said that Su Youpeng was admitted to the Department of Mechanical Engineering of National Taiwan University with the fifth grade in Taiwan, so that the Tigers were exempted from their parents. ——In this context, his decision to drop out of college was naturally a scolding.

It’s far away, but I just happen to have a relationship with this sentence – I also feel that I am a very weak person, and when I encounter setbacks in the world, I want to beat the chicken and the eggs and walk away. In martial arts novels, peerless masters always have to retire in the end. Maybe I read a lot of martial arts novels in middle school, and this idea of ​​being isolated from the real world is rooted in my heart.

In the past four months, I partially entered the state of spiritual cultivation. One was walking in this world, and the other I was humming, “I have passed by Taihu Lake a few times in my life.” It seems like a brave me, fearless, is defending the weakness of another me.

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