I stood on the stool to fight mosquitoes, and two front teeth said goodbye

Nutshell patients have shared their experiences of being hurt by common things in life, such as being stabbed by a chopstick pillow and hurting the tendon of the thumb , scratching the tendon by the falling broom handle , crushing the fingers by the car door , being scalded by hot water , and cooking . When the gas leaks, the whole body burns , etc., it can be seen that there are safety hazards worth noting everywhere in life. On this topic, many readers also shared their painful experiences:


Stools are not safe, climbing is more dangerous

Xiao Ao Chang Tian

Two days ago, I was standing on a stool in order to fight mosquitoes, but I fell down and my two front teeth said goodbye to me.


The front teeth that said goodbye to me | Photo courtesy of the author

I went to the emergency room to have CT scans of my legs and head, and it was confirmed that there were no fractures and no concussion. I went to the dentist to remove the nerves in the two teeth that had exposed nerves, and then disinfected and dispensed medicine. Fortunately, the root is fine, just need to do porcelain teeth, no need to re-implant. I have completed root canal treatment and filling, and I estimate that I will be able to have two brand new front teeth next month.


Waiting for next month ing | Photo courtesy of the author

Everyone must be careful when climbing to high places, try to find someone to help them, and usually exercise more. After getting enough exercise, even if you are injured, you will recover faster.

Toriko sea mud well

When I was in college, I stepped on a stool to clean up the closet above the desk. The legs of the stool were iron and hollow. I suddenly stepped on it, and the legs of the stool cut a big hole on the soles of my feet. I didn’t feel much at the time of the injury. When I returned to the dormitory after taking a shower at night, my feet couldn’t touch the ground. When the last good time, the skin of the foot came off a big piece.

Really be careful with this exposed metal material, it’s no different from a knife.


The same broom in the article, it’s not just the hand that gets hurt

Article Review: “We have swept the land all our lives, and none of us have swept like you”


This is the most common stainless steel tube + PP plastic broom.丨 Find elements

common street

The deputy director of our hospital was also injured by using the broom described in the article. He didn’t notice that the plastic head of the broom came off when he was sweeping the floor, and pulled it back to poke a hole in his thigh. Since the incident happened at night and there was no doctor on duty in our department, he still injected himself with anesthesia and sutures, which was quite impressive.


I also tried to be cut by the same broom. The metal tube suddenly bent from the middle, and the inertia rebounded and clamped the flesh of my middle finger. Instantly opened a small V-shaped mouth, and the pain caused me to put down the broom immediately. Turn around to get a tissue. Just as I turned, my calf was scratched again by the broken part of the broom, and a bloodstain appeared instantly…


High-risk equipment, operate with caution

Little Universe Lillian (Chainsaw)

A few days ago, a friend who loves involution in order to help the child with the school’s manual work, actually staged a shock with a chainsaw, and saw it with a chainsaw… The tendons and nerves were connected in Jishuitan Hospital… It is said that the child was so scared that he would never be used again. Dad helped.

Gentle Rain (Noodle Press)

My dear mother, when I was studying for us, my hand was churned by the dough pressing machine. I was in a plateau, and I neglected and did not receive reliable medical treatment. So far, I have three fingers on my right hand that can only be bent all the time, which is distressing. The hand is very complicated. If you feel any discomfort after an injury, you must seek medical attention in time.

E’minor (scissors)

Once I wore disposable gloves to cut raw oiled chicken thighs. It was so slippery that the scissors in my right hand went off the track and stabbed directly into the thumb of my left hand. I still have scars on my fingers.

Jiao. (grater)

The dangerous weapon at home is the tool for shredding potatoes and cucumbers! blood lessons. I would rather eat chopstick-thick potato chips in the future than dare to use them again.


Metal edge, can be very sharp

Mirri (iron tissue box)

When I got up from the toilet, I was scratched by the corner of the iron tissue box on the wall, and I got a lot of stitches. At that time, the doctor said that the fat layer could be seen. I will never forget the scene where I went to the hospital with half of my upper buttocks exposed and covered by my teammates. The lesson is: in the future, try to reduce metal products at home, and don’t get up too quickly from the toilet.

Yan Ran (window edge)

Stainless steel is really fierce. I once closed the window in the public classroom of the university. One side of the window was sharp and cornered. When my arm was accidentally rubbed against it, a seam was scratched on the arm, as if it was cut by the butcher shop owner. Cut neatly. It didn’t hurt very much. I still insisted on finishing one class, but it took a long time to recover, and now there is still an obvious scar.

Sci-Fi Associate Chief Chef (Can Lid)

The lids of all kinds of canned luncheon meats are also dangerous. I had a piece of flesh scraped off the knuckle of my pinky finger, and I had to concentrate on handling this stuff.

tanjaLiu (Mosquito Net Steel Pipe)

The roommate removed the mosquito net and the steel pipe was leaning against the wall. When I turned off the light, I put my hand down and scraped off a piece of flesh from the palm of my hand. However, I was in a hurry to go to the interview. I bleed a lot and didn’t care about the tube. After healing, I left a raised scar. Fortunately, the wound was on the palm of the hand, if it were on the face, it would be disfigured. Everyone must be careful about the end of the steel pipe, it is too sharp. And be sure to go to the hospital for treatment!

Sun Sun Sun Po (construction site steel plate)

Once I was in a hurry to get my driver’s license and took a shortcut. I scratched the base of my thumb when I was pulling the blue steel plate on a construction site, gurgling blood. It took about ten hours before I remembered whether I should go to the hospital. As a result, the doctor said that they were all exposed! Also almost missed the best time for a tetanus shot.

The wound could not be sutured due to the injury time. Fortunately, after I recovered, I felt that there was nothing serious, just a scar, and I couldn’t work hard.

Flute (aluminum film)

I have cut my fingers by the uneven edge of the stainless steel shelf, the aluminum film of medicines, the aluminum film of milk powder cans, the broken tempered mobile phone film, rice leaves, reed leaves, corn leaves…


Plastic, sometimes lethal

WXY (Sweatpants Tie Plastic Head)

I felt relieved when I saw the strange causes of injuries… When I took off my pants in the toilet last fall, the little plastic head tied by my sweatpants (I was so anxious when I took it off, I accidentally pressed the plastic head) ) I made a 10cm+ incision on my thigh. Fortunately, I didn’t go to the hospital because it wasn’t too deep. I still have scars…

Sister Ping (Riverberry Basket Cover)

One day I bought a small basket of bayberry, the common red round hollow plastic basket, the size of a soup pot, covered with a thin lid. My son was holding this basket of bayberry and suddenly said to me: Mom! look! UFO! I turned my head to look at him who was yelling, and saw the thin cover flying towards me like a flying saucer and hitting my left eye.

I was in severe pain, and immediately squatted down and covered my eyes, screaming in pain! After a while, I tried to open my eyes and found that my left eye was blind.

I called my husband right away, and he drove me to a top-three hospital 5 kilometers away. The doctor prescribed medicine to infuse fluids for several days. During this period of time, I could only take time off to recuperate at home, taking care not to vibrate and to avoid re-bleeding in my eyes.

Duke (wall switch)

For the wall switch at home, be sure not to poke the switch vertically and straightly with your hand! It’s really bad to say that it will rupture the tendon of the finger.


Fingers with immobilizers | Courtesy of the author

I went to the hospital immediately after poking and was diagnosed with a ruptured tendon at the end of my finger. The injured finger is completely unable to exert force or straighten. Later, the doctor put a retainer on my finger, and I wore it for more than four months, but I couldn’t take it off or touch the water. During this period, the distal end of the fracture site has been swollen, and it is necessary to slowly make a fist during rehabilitation. It has been more than 10 months since the injury, and the extension of the fingers is still limited.


Finger movement is still limited | Photo courtesy of the author


Food, watch out for heat

Nicole (rolling porridge)

When I was 10 years old, I rolled over porridge and got splashed in the face. Fortunately, my parents didn’t use any “earth methods” such as soy sauce, so they quickly pulled me to rinse it off with a shower of cold water, covered it with a clean towel and rushed to the hospital.

Appeal to everyone: Any liquid with a temperature above 70 degrees Celsius should really be cooled before putting it in front of the child, because you don’t know how TA will knock it over. I seem to have slipped and swept thousands of troops back then…

Suzi (yolk)

During quarantine, my dad’s boiled egg was undercooked, so I cut it in half in the middle, put it in a bowl and put it in the microwave. It was heated for three minutes. I took it out and put it on the table. With a light touch of the spoon, the egg yolk was fried. Yes, half an egg yolk will fry too. It blew directly into my face, eyes, and nose. It hurts. I could feel a gust of heat blowing through the man.

It was really inconvenient to go out. I immediately rinsed my face with water, but found that the flushing was incomplete, so I soaked it in a basin with water, and it was still very painful after half an hour. I looked in the mirror and found that many parts of my face were red and there were already many blisters. I’m just glad that my eyes were closed in time, and even the skin at the root of my eyelashes had blisters.


Selfie after injury | Photo courtesy of the author

It’s been a year now, and there’s only a small scar on the eyelid, and a small scar under the corner of the mouth like a pimple, nothing else.

Everyone’s eggs must be cooked and eaten, if not, steam them. Don’t microwave all kinds of eggs, not even the two halves.


Ordinary but potentially dangerous other items

Auntie (cat rope)

When I was walking the cat in the garden, the cat broke free of the leash and ran away, but the leash was tangled in the bushes and was very tight. Because I was in a hurry, I didn’t expect the rope to be elastic when I pulled the rope, so I continued to pull vigorously. At this time, a metal piece on the other end flew out of the bush and hit my left eye, causing a hyphema, and the eye immediately lost vision and light perception.

I was in the UK at the time and I immediately called an ambulance to go to the nearest emergency room. After an examination by the general practitioner, he found that the situation was serious: his eyes lost their response to flashlight irradiation, and he was transferred to a specialized ophthalmology emergency department. I didn’t feel pain at the time, but the high pressure in my eyes caused several vomiting. The doctor quickly injected me with an injection to lower the pressure and put four different eye drops at the same time (each one half an hour apart). After temporarily controlling the condition, I went home to rest for a week, and continued to take medicine as prescribed by the doctor. After the internal bleeding was absorbed by itself, it completely recovered.

After that, I had sequelae, such as having to wear sunglasses in the sun for a long time, otherwise my eyes would become red, etc. However, it did not develop into glaucoma. I am very satisfied and grateful.

The lesson is don’t panic, don’t be impatient, don’t move too much, and be vigilant about all elastic ropes and metal parts.

God teammate (no need to wear sewing needles)

Ten years ago, a needle-free sewing needle (the needle nose is not one piece, a little separated) fell on the carpet and stood upright, and I didn’t see my bare feet stepping on it. I didn’t go to the hospital that night. Although I saw that the needle nose was broken, I couldn’t find it on my foot. I thought it was broken on the carpet (the heart was really big). I know it’s broken in my foot.


This is the sewing needle | Photo courtesy of the author

I went to three hospitals, and two hospitals tried to find the broken needle without success. One put anesthesia next to the wound and cut a little wound, but still couldn’t find it. The doctor told me that only the Municipal People’s Hospital has that kind of equipment, which can perform surgery while seeing through. Then I went to the city hospital for hospitalization, and anesthesia was applied to my waist. The operation lasted nearly two hours. Probably because I’ve been walking on my feet, the broken half-sesame-sized needle nose runs all over the musculature, deep and hard to find. When the patients and family members around the bed asked me why I was hospitalized, they sighed that there are not many young people who can do needlework these days. After leaving the hospital, I removed the rug by the bed.

If a foreign body enters the body, go to the hospital as soon as possible, don’t take chances, be sure to find it and get it out.

Zhang Taotao (bamboo mat)

A while ago, when my colleague was wiping the bamboo mat, a very sharp bamboo strip with the thickness of a toothpick at the end pierced the tiger’s mouth. The emergency doctor said it needed to be taken out after anesthesia. The nurse also told my colleague that a similar operation had been done that day, and an old lady wiped the bamboo mat and caused the same injury.

Luoluo (warm baby)

Autumn and winter are approaching, everyone should pay attention to low temperature burns. I didn’t feel very hot when using baby warmers in the winter, accidentally fell asleep and woke up with a huge blister on my thigh. I didn’t go to the hospital at the time, and I waited for the blisters to shrink naturally, and eventually the scabs fell off, leaving me with a permanent scar.


Blisters formed by low temperature burns | Photo courtesy of the author

Danger is always unavoidable. I hope you can notice these inconspicuous dangers in your life after reading everyone’s “painful experiences” and live every day safely. If you have anything else you want to see or talk about, you can tell us in the comment section~

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