ID.4 Car Reservation (6)

Today, the master finally came to install a private pile. The two little masters are very responsible.

Due to good luck, the parking space is near the electric meter, and the site survey is 34 meters away, so the 40-meter cable provided by the manufacturer is enough, and there is no need to spend an extra penny. In contrast, the Tesla in the garage next door is unlucky, and it is estimated that at least an additional ¥1,000 has been spent.

From noon to evening, watching the masters busy all afternoon. The main expenses are in pipe threading, casing turning, wall drilling, iron box installation and so on. It’s hard work.

Property on-site communication



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The whole installation cost only ¥350, additional purchase of tin box materials, and a few cigarettes. Great deal!

In addition, I had always worried that occupying the pillar would make the three adjacent parking spaces disgusted, and I was uneasy, and I made up a lot of tearing scenes. As a result, the three neighbors who drove Mercedes-Benz S, GLE, and domineering were so angry that they were not sensitive to trams at all.

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