I’m so anxious I can’t sleep at the thought of going to work tomorrow

This week is so long, I have been working for three days, and it is only Tuesday. Thinking of this, I have been nervous since four o’clock this afternoon. The night before each workday, I was so overwhelmed with fear and anxiety that I couldn’t sleep .

What went wrong? In fact, this is the ” Sunday Anxiety ” that plagues migrant workers. During the week, the most relaxing time is leaving get off work on Friday afternoon and all day Saturday, and Sunday night will usher in the peak anxiety period.


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Sunday anxiety is normal,

is also controllable

Like all kinds of strange symptoms, Sunday anxiety disorder is also a vocabulary created by netizens, and it is some reactions of people to the changes in their life conditions . On Sunday, people often have anxiety, depression, insomnia, lack of concentration, and even stomach discomfort, dizziness, tiredness, and loss of appetite.

How common is this symptom? A 2018 survey by the networking platform LinkedIn found that 80 percent of U.S. wage workers worry about the upcoming work week on Sunday . Another survey showed that the average time people felt anxious on Sunday was 3:58 p.m. So at this point on Sunday, you start to feel tired and depressed, and you don’t want to do anything. Don’t panic, it’s Sunday anxiety that’s coming to you.


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Whether it’s anxiety, stress, or fear, it’s really a response to a perceived threat ,” says Jonathan Abramowitz, a clinical psychologist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Perceived threats vary from getting up early to being busy for the next few days, but the common denominator is a rush to conclusions and an underestimation of our ability to cope.” He believes that, for most people, the weekly Daily anxiety is uncomfortable, but it’s manageable, and manageable well .

In fact, of course, Sunday itself was busier than usual. An analysis that tracked time use by Canadians from 1981 to 2005 found that Sundays were more business-like and more like workdays than in the early 1980s. People are busy with part-time jobs, housework, shopping and babysitting. Although weekends are used to recuperate, they are actually as busy as going to work. I didn’t relax well on the weekend, so I was naturally full of anxiety and fear about Monday.

How to deal with Sunday anxiety?

Here are a few tips to bring you back to life

Regular Sunday anxiety can feel like a vortex. Monday will always come, but taking proactive steps to reduce Sunday stress can make you more resilient to the transition from the weekend to the workday. Here are seven tips for Help you ease your Sunday anxiety.

1. Do what you like on Sunday

Take a hearty hot bath, drink your favorite milk tea, and distract yourself with your favorite things; cooking a new dish, reading a new book, watching a new movie, and trying new things can keep you excited. Do what you enjoy so that you end Sunday feeling refreshed.

Turning certain activities into a routine, a habit, will be more effective. For example, mute your phone on Sunday afternoon, go out for a walk, and then go home and take a hot shower.

2. Don’t sit idle, it’s better to move

After finally resting, want to stay at home forever? It may be better to stay physically active . Make time for exercise, whether it’s a hike or a walk. Falling asleep will also be easier after exercise. You don’t have to be a hardcore sport right from the start, give yourself a big thumbs up if you can persist for 30 minutes!


Running the road happily is also a kind of exercise丨Giphy

3. Assess your emotions

Sundays are the easiest to overwhelm with emotions, so it’s best to find a time of day to check in with your emotions, try to identify what is filling you with fear , and find inner peace through activities such as journaling and meditation.

4. Plan, plan, plan

In the face of Sunday anxiety, planning can put you in control. You can write down what to do over the weekend and what to do next week, make a to-do list, and review and manage your workload on Friday afternoon. Review the list again on Sunday night to see what has been done and what needs to be done.

The brain will constantly remind you of unfinished things, such as unanswered emails and unfinished documents. This is a Zeigarnik effect (Zeigarnik effect), which will increase people’s stress and anxiety. Once you write down the unfinished business, the brain can relax a little bit and stop the constant alarm .

In addition to that, you can also prepare the clothes you will wear the next day, think about what you will have for lunch during the workday, as long as you plan early enough, the anxiety will not catch up with you.

5. Key point: don’t bring your phone to bed! !

I’m so anxious on Sunday, how about scrolling through Weibo and Douyin to relieve anxiety? Playing on your phone can be a distraction, but staying on until 2:00 a.m. can turn Monday into a mess. So never take your phone to bed on Sunday night , keep your eyes away from the screen, and maybe even consider going to bed earlier than usual on Sunday night to take a little more time to relax.


“I’m just playing for a while” “Okay, it’s two o’clock, it’s time to go to bed”丨Giphy

6. Talk about your anxieties

Don’t worry about it yourself, talk to your relatives and friends more, talk about your feelings, and relieve tension. If you’re really embarrassed to say it, just chat, it’s easy to divert your attention and relax.

7. Monday is Rewards Day

Since Monday is the hardest day of the week, try turning Monday into a “reward day.” For example, if you eat grass for fitness, you can choose to eat desserts and snacks “legally” on Monday night, and if you like to drink, have a glass of wine . With anticipation, Monday will be less difficult.

Art Markman, a professor of psychology at the University of Texas at Austin, also suggests thinking about work as a “reward.” When you feel like your job is to avoid bad things from happening—avoiding your boss’s anger, your clients’ disappointment, your miss-doing—your motivation is avoidance motivation, and that motivation creates anxiety.

If you regard your work as “promoting good things to happen” – satisfying customers and creating value for the world, your motivation is approach motivation, which will make you feel meaningful and satisfied.


Hang in there, it’s already halfway through the week!丨Giphy


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