Who can guess the use of these 9 ghosts and animals, what kind of brain hole is it?


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The device, called Iter Avto, has a lot of built-in paper rolls with printed route maps of different roads. The scroll is connected to an odometer by an electric circuit, and its movement speed is proportional to the speed of the car, so it can show the relative position of the car on the road. The only problem is that if you change paths, you’ll have to switch rolls and manually navigate to your current location.


There is also a wearable version, but at this time the “navigation” is all manual.


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The invention is called the “isolator” and comes from the July 1925 issue of “Science and Invention” magazine, which was founded by Hugo Gernsback (Hugo Gernsback), who is the Hugo of the “Hugo Award”. Designed to help you focus while reading or writing, the Isolator not only blocks out all outside noise, but also allows you to see only one line of text at a time through the horizontal slit, making it a must-have for end-of-semester prep.

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During World War II, FW Mills in Kent, England, designed a large stroller to protect infants and young children from gas attacks during air raids. Put your child in the cot of the stroller and put the lid on so your child can get fresh air from the filter on top of the lid.

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Smoking was a popular pastime in the 20th century, and an inventor in the 1950s even created the hand-held mouthpiece, a device that allowed one to smoke a pack of cigarettes at a time, an enigmatic obsession with lethal doses It is incredible.

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This piece of equipment, a plastic face shield against snowstorms, was photographed in Montreal, Canada. Its design idea is as sharp and avant-garde as its shape, full of geometric wisdom and elegance.

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This hat is also known as the “Martian Radio Hat”. The circle on the hat is the antenna, and the battery should be placed in the user’s pocket. However, this kind of hat did not become popular in the end, because its antenna is directional, and the signal may be lost when you turn your head.

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The device was invented by Dame Isabella Gilbert in 1936. According to the product description, you only need to wear it two or three times a day for five minutes at a time, and you will have intoxicated dimples and a beautiful smile. But according to the American Medical Association’s assessment, this device does not have such efficacy.

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The protagonist of this picture is an amphibious vehicle, born in Paris. There are some auxiliary floating balls on the car, which can be lowered to stabilize the body in the water, and lifted up on land to enjoy the strange eyes of passers-by.

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It can not only polish the skin on the top of the head, but also comb the fine hair around the edge. Concerned about your top priority, considerate of your unspeakable secrets. Who doesn’t need such a product?



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