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As a start to 2202, the first quarter did not seem to be going well. The Ukrainian-Russian war and the Shanghai epidemic, the two black swans, have had a certain negative impact on both the micro-individual and the macro-economy. In this context, there may be some people who are more interested in creating confrontation and provoking contradictions online. The Internet is an indispensable part of today’s information transmission, making information flow faster and making information deconstruction more popular.

The picture above is a screenshot of the mother who accidentally deleted WeChat and added it back

But at the same time, it also makes information security more confusing. Although sometimes horse racing masters and cross-border bosses will ask me how to open the box, but because I have no knowledge reserve, I can only reply with no comment. But in order to make the group friends less afraid, I can only write here to dispel the concerns of the group friends.

Correct use of search engines

It is undeniable that after being diverted by portal websites and apps in recent years, the daily use of search engines has been relatively small. However, some relatively simple search methods are still worth mastering. Take Google as an example, the content within double quotes is an exact match, and the domain name can be added after site to filter the information.

This will allow you to find some accounts of the speech. Of course, you can get similar results by replacing the domain name with Tieba or the like. If some pages are updated, you can also use snapshots to find them.

If this information is not too radical, like Li Liqing, it will be fine, but once it goes against the mainstream, like Liu Cixin, I can’t say what the result will be.

Now, if you are a second grader in elementary school, it is very simple to find an ID card for some games with less strict certification:

Just search for "身份证" site:gov.cn filetype:xls and you’ll always find some numbers.

“Accidental” active leak

I don’t know why, but the crossover bosses recently brought King Kong to play games. Actually, I feel a little guilty about King Kong.

I still remember that a few years ago, I didn’t know where I followed King Kong’s B station account, and I was attracted by his copy works. Suddenly I found out that he was a kerosene and game player, and I admired him even more.

Until I watched a starter video he submitted at the end of 2018, ah no, it was a submitted video , so I found his Weibo along the video. Due to the age, I no longer remember what I privately messaged him on Weibo. I just remember that he hurriedly canceled that Weibo and said that it was a trumpet, and it was irrelevant. In the impression, I told him that I found it from the video of station b. But this movie hasn’t been taken off the shelves – I watched it a minute ago , and it has less than 1,000 views, less than one-hundredth of the views of the cross-border boss Clash Royale.

But the focus is not on the volume of play. In fact, there is a lot of information that can be gleaned from this film – I admit that especially when I see the three words “Zhao Ziyu”, it is difficult to hold back.

Weibo account, city, approximate address, school, hobbies, including fetishes, if you want to find them, you can find them in this short video. Suddenly I remember King Kong asked me if I also liked this XP, but unfortunately I was not pulled into the gal pit by the horse racing masters at that time, so I could only deny it.

I don’t know if there are any bad guys giving King Kong a small report o( ̄┰ ̄*)ゞ

This information, if it’s all right, will be fine, but once you get caught, it will attract thousands or even hundreds of keyboard warriors to interact with you. Although it generally can’t cause any actual harm, it may cause psychological stress. Great, after all, not everyone can withstand pressure.

Sometimes active leaks are deceitful. For example, the cross-border boss once put someone’s name on the black gun blog without typing, and then uploaded a copy. But those who have used git know that simply commit does not erase the previous content. This means that the horse racing master refuses to admit his wrongdoing, and instead tries to cover up his behavior by deleting Shiqiao Night Talk. This despicable behavior just exposed the guilt of the horse racing master. This kind of behavior of horse racing masters who can’t recognize their own situation, fool the public, and overdraft their future, in the end, they must pick up fluorite, wax stone, fluorite, meteorite, malachite, hibiscus, fossil wood, fish scale stone, chrysanthemum stone, etc. Huxian stone, tortoise, Lingbi stone, pebbles, stalactite, marble, wind stone, calcium zeolite, tourmaline, silver star stone, moonstone, morganite, red stone, diamond, lapis lazuli, emerald, cobalt Calcite, cobalt spinel, rough stone, holy stone hit yourself in the foot!

But in the same way, the horse racing master once opened a certain box through the whois of a domain name, and really understood this trick.

Guard against passive leaks that cannot be

In theory, the service provider is obliged to ensure that the user’s information is not leaked. But for a variety of reasons, contemporary personal information is as fragile as paper.

For example, as mentioned in the previous punch-in blog, almost anyone in our school can obtain the information of teachers and students in the whole school with zero threshold [1] .

Another example is that there is a bug in the commenting system of the horse racing master’s blog, or a feature . As long as a package is captured, anyone who visits his blog can know the commenter’s information, including ip, email address (if filled in), etc.

I still remember a year ago when the cross-border boss asked me how I knew the group number of their school’s gogo training team. It was actually very simple – QQ has anti-withdrawal, so have you ever thought about it, in case, I mean in case , after you forwarded the chat record, what happens to a module that can display the q number and group number of the chat record? After all, as you can see from the video of King Kong above, he had already installed the QQ plug-in at that time.

At the same time, large-scale information leakage emerges one after another. A student information leak in our province a few years ago, covering elementary school to high school, can be said to be standard in all social work databases. This point must be very clear to the cross-border boss as the head of the social work pants.


I wrote some random things above, I just hope that everyone understands a little bit.

Finally, if you are interested, you can take a look at this: may be useful primary anti-opening tips

In the end, I urge the blogs of horse racing masters, cross-border bosses, and training captains.

  1. But there is a technical threshold, but it is not high. ↩

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