Important moment for A shares

After the market closed on Friday, the China Securities Regulatory Commission approved the trading of CSI 500 ETF options on the Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges.


Although after years of construction, there have been many wide-based derivatives, but the approval of the China Securities Regulatory Commission still has a strong signal significance.

The first layer of signal meaning is positive for small and medium-sized stocks. Not long after the approval of the CFFEX to launch futures and options on the CSI 1000 Index, the China Securities Regulatory Commission once again “completed” the small and mid-cap market.

If you browse the chart below, you will find that CFFEX’s options products cover the CSI 300 Index (1-300 stocks with a market capitalization) and the CSI 1000 (801-1800 stocks with a market capitalization) index, but the CSI 500 The index (301-800 stocks by market capitalization) has a “fault”.


This is undoubtedly a lack of tools for investors who focus on trading in the CSI 500 Index, which represents small and mid-cap stocks.

Through the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges, the indirect supplement through the CSI 500ETF option is a good thing for investors – of course, for all the investors who have been “sinking” over the years and trying their best to pay attention to small and medium-cap stocks, This is undoubtedly a long-term benefit.

The second layer of signal meaning is the attitude towards derivatives. Old investors who have experienced 2015 know that the development of derivatives has slowed down a lot since then, but in 2022, the futures options of the CSI 1000 Index and the options of the CSI 500ETF will be approved. Obviously, we are in the derivatives market. In terms of development, it has once again entered the “fast lane”.

Derivatives are of great significance to the ecological development of a stock market. Many investors are concerned about short-term downside risks in the case of long-term bullishness, and futures and options products provide effective hedging tools.

Because of the existence of derivatives, absolute return products similar to multi-stock short-term indices can be launched, and “index enhancement” products similar to the US CBOE’s push to sell options (writecall/put) are possible. Ecologically, the stock market is not a financial market where only a bull market can make money. This is a good thing for the overall participants.

With the approval of the CSI 500ETF option, China Southern Asset Management’s CSI 500ETF ( $CSI 500ETF(SH510500)$ ) has clearly become a big winner.

The following table is the scale ranking of the CSI 500 index-related index products announced on the official website of CSI. It can be seen that the Southern CSI 500 ETF (510500) has an advantage of almost 10 times compared to the second largest ETF with a value of 42.42 billion yuan. .


As of September 2 this year, the average daily turnover of the Southern China Securities 500ETF is about 1.4 billion yuan, and the sufficient level of activity also ensures the corresponding demand for derivative options – of course, in turn, the active option demand can also promote the corresponding demand. Demand for the CSI 500ETF.

Years later, look back at the development of A shares. September 2, 2022, is undoubtedly a good day with signal significance for small and medium-cap stock investors.

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