In Chengdu, waiting for a long-lost rain

Let the rain wash away the heat


After the single-read solicitation information was sent out, we received a submission from a reader in Chengdu. He wrote down a little bit of a change in his life: an old man died because he could not bear the high temperature, the corn in the field died one after another, the electricity in the rural home was cut off for two or three hours a day, and the electricity of fifty yuan in the city was only used for a week… …the summer heats up the scene from a disaster movie.
All I can hope for now is rain. The reader starts to read the weather forecast every day, which says that there will be precipitation in Chengdu from today. May the rain fall as scheduled.

hot summer

Written by: Liu Andong

In retrospect, the summer heat had already begun. In July, there were two waves of epidemics in Chengdu. According to the time when the cases were discovered, one was called “715” and the other was called “720”. I live in Chenghua District, one of the earliest areas affected by the epidemic. On July 15, we received a notice that the “three districts and one town” were all staff nucleic acids that night. “Three districts” are Jinjiang District, Wuhou District and Chenghua District; “One Town” is Huanglongxi Town in Shuangliu District. I checked and found that the resident population of Jinjiang District is 900,000, Chenghua District is 1.38 million, Wuhou District is 1.85 million, and Huanglongxi Town has about 20,000 to 30,000 people. Overall, more than four million people collectively did nucleic acid that night. The data is based on government reports, and if there is any deviation, it should not be very large.

However, I read the news the next day and said that there were only more than 2.6 million nucleic acid samples. More than a million copies short. I told my wife that it was great to be able to do this. why? Because I still remember, July 15th was really hot. Many people are reluctant to go out to do nucleic acid, which I can understand very well. Of those who have made nucleic acid, there must be no one who is not sweating. That night, two “Dabai” people who were doing nucleic acid in our community had a fever. The community owners group also discussed how to design summer protective clothing and whether to send some ice cubes to Dabai. In the early morning of July 16th, a doctor friend posted on a circle of friends, she was guarding an ice brick, with the text: I didn’t faint, it’s okay.

My wife was twenty weeks pregnant at the time. The “two inspections in three days” and the “national nucleic acid” in the region are interspersed, and nucleic acid is basically done every day. Once in line for half an hour to an hour, I was really worried about her heatstroke. After discussing with her, we decided to go back to my father-in-law’s house together. My father-in-law and mother-in-law live in a town in Jianyang City. Administratively, Jianyang is managed by Chengdu, and is actually more than 70 kilometers away from the main urban area of ​​Chengdu. This year, many Sichuanese know the city of Jianyang, because every record high temperature occurs here. When we got home, my mother-in-law told me that an old man had died from the heat in the town a few days ago. At the age of seventy or eighty, I had to walk to the market, and every time I came and went, my family fell down. At that time, everyone was talking about anecdotes and listening to them. It was generally believed that the old man was too stubborn and didn’t really blame the weather. Which year is not hot in Sichuan, right?


“The Salt of the Earth” movie

My father-in-law and mother-in-law usually do some food business. Summer is the season when corn matures. Sichuan corn has always been a good market. In the past, it was often soaked in ice water, packed in the largest refrigerated truck, and sent to Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other places. Every time when the corn is harvested, dozens of people are busy in the yard, and the farmers who grow corn will ride three wheels or drive small trucks, queuing up at the gate to weigh, and sometimes, they have to pay for the work. Whoever quarrels first. This year, there is another channel to sell goods online, and what kind of teachers are you talking about? I realized later that they were talking about Dong Yuhui from Dongfang Zhenxuan. A big Internet celebrity is selling local corn in Sichuan, and everyone thinks it is quite unreal. Although it is said that it is separated by middlemen, it can be regarded as an indirect relationship with celebrities.

In July, because of the hot weather, farmers who break corn all work at night. Starting at about one or two in the morning, I wore a miner’s lamp on my head, and it was installed and pulled over before dawn, so that I could catch up with the delivery. But after mid-July, my impression is that no one has ever pulled corn again. Because it basically never rained during this period, and occasionally a drop or two floated, and it was going to rain elsewhere. I accidentally missed a point here.

We think that God has forgotten about one-third of our acre, and the rain has fallen elsewhere. We learn from the ancients to look at clouds: “Look, look, there are dark clouds over there, and it’s going to rain.” “It doesn’t look like it’s going to rain today, not a single cloud.” “These few look like rain. , but it doesn’t feel like we’re here.” He began to use the modern rain-seeking technique to wash the car, because “it will rain when the car is washed”, but the result was futile. Every day, we inevitably chat about the air, about the fact that it does not rain, and we chat about thousands of theories and tricks. Later, the lighthearted atmosphere turned a little cruel, as the corn in the fields dries up one after another. A farmer and his mother-in-law said, “You still have fresh corn? The corn stalks can be broken down and burned!”


The movie “Interstellar”

There is a river behind our house, it hasn’t rained for a long time, and it’s almost dry. In July, my mother-in-law told my father-in-law to let him pump some water from the river to irrigate the ground, but my father-in-law was too lazy to move, and said to wait, because the forecast said it would rain. It didn’t rain on the first day, and it didn’t rain on the second day. On the third morning, before five o’clock, my father-in-law went to pump water to water the ground. Because of this small river, we also ate some green leafy vegetables. Some passers-by saw my mother-in-law pinching the tip of the pumpkin and sighed, this is a good thing. . In fact, it’s not that my mother-in-law is very powerful, it’s just that we are lucky enough to guard such a high-spirited river. By the time I was leaving in mid-August, the lower reaches of the small river had already dried up, and the small puddle of water in the upper reaches attracted a lot of people, including fishing, crayfish, and loach. With the net in hand, one person sifted forward with one end, and fished for all living things in the water.

My smartest decision this summer was to buy an inflatable pool. Fill it with water, and people can soak in it. It doesn’t matter if the water is more or less, as long as there is a coolness, it is very good. At first, the father-in-law was not interested and thought it was a child’s toy. As the weather got hotter, he became the most active person in the water. Every morning, he put the water on, or in the afternoon, or after dinner, he went to the pool to soak for half an hour, running faster than anyone else. Because of the dry weather, the grain harvesting business was completely put on hold, and my father-in-law locked the door after lunch. I noticed that the whole street is almost like this, and even the car wash across the road is only open for half a day.

My wife and I stayed at my father-in-law’s house for a whole month, and overall, we were happier than many. In rural areas, many people still do not have air conditioners, and even if they are installed, not everyone is willing to pay for electricity bills.


The small river in front of the house / provided by the author

My wife and I returned to Chengdu on the night of August 15 because of the maternity check-up. Our home in Chengdu has been baked for a month in the hottest season. Even at night, the walls are still hot, just like the heated kang in the north. That night, we turned on the air conditioner and felt useless, the heat came from all directions, and we hardly slept. And on the day we went home, my father-in-law and mother-in-law received a notice that there would be a power outage at night, from 8:00 to 12:00. At that time, Sichuan had issued a notice that the company would stop work and cut electricity for five days. Who knew that even the electricity consumption of residents in rural areas would have to be controlled. Today is August 24th, and the father-in-law’s house is still steadily controlling the electricity at a rhythm of two or three hours every other day. However, their mood is stable, and as soon as the power goes out, they are in the pool. They do not know that the scope and measures of the power outage in Sichuan are being tightened layer by layer, and the power generation vehicles in various provinces and cities supporting Sichuan are all running at full capacity.

This summer, everyone around me is troubled by electricity. Some people do not have access to electricity, office buildings are limited, shopping malls are limited, friends who drive new energy vehicles are also worried about charging, and even the elevators in the community have stopped. Others are troubled by electricity bills. There is only one or two air conditioners in our living room, and the electricity bill will cost more than 30 yuan in a day. Whether it is for the consideration of electricity bills or for the consideration of cherishing every kilowatt-hour of electricity, everyone is actually reluctant to use it. Earlier, a neighbor asked in the owner group: Is there a power outage? Everyone answered, no, it should be your family’s arrears. She replied: Impossible! I only charged fifty dollars last week! Everyone praised her: you have done a great job.

Because of the power outage, everyone was looking forward to rain. Rain will cool down the weather and refill the river and reservoir, solving the two problems of heat and power cuts at once. Last night, there was a crackling sound from the canopy outside, and it was getting louder. It’s raining, my wife and I said. I went to the window to look, it was dark outside due to power outages, and I couldn’t see the raindrops. I ran to the balcony again, reached out and felt a drop of water falling. It’s really raining, I said. The group of owners was also agitated. Until a few minutes later, the person on the 16th floor went to the person on the 17th floor of Aite: Is your house leaking? Answer on the 17th floor: No, look upstairs. Finally, everyone diagnosed: Oh, there is a water leak on the 20th floor. One owner said that her daughter heard the sound of water and shouted that it was raining, Mom, I’m going out to get in the rain! They ran downstairs excitedly, and the child ran two laps: Mom, there is no rain…

In my impression, I have never cared so much about the weather forecast, and I read it several times a day. The weather forecast shows that from August 25, it will really rain in Chengdu, and it will continue for a few days until the temperature drops below 30 degrees. I hope that its prediction will come true with the greatest will. I hope that there will be a huge cloud covering all the dry places, and it will rain for a few days, filling the rivers and lakes, and not flooding anything. As long as there is some water, the seedlings in the fields will grow, and the fish and shrimps in the river will return. Let the rain wash away the heat wave, and wash away some hot emotions and memories.

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