In the new consumption era, brand owners explore digital collections

Can digital collections bring new growth points for brands? With the advent of the era of private domain traffic, how can cutting-edge brands use new technology to reconstruct “people, goods, and markets”?

On June 21, at the “Industrial Digitalization Online Seminar (Cultural Media Session)” created by Ant Group’s digital technology line and Zhenghe Island, five experts and scholars from the fields of brand marketing, cultural creativity, trendy play, digital collections, etc. Industry leaders, wonderful discussions on hot topics in the industry.

“Digital collections bring new perspectives and new practices. It changes the business logic of IP creation, dissemination and realization, and enterprises and brand owners can also find new models to serve customers through digital collections.” – Ant Group Digital Lin Yifei, Vice President of Technology

What is the value of digital collections?

Xiong Yi, general manager of Ant Group’s digital technology, culture and media industry, summed it up into four points:

First, to realize the right confirmation and protection of copyright through blockchain technology; second, to help IP content realize value realization and provide a new commercialization method for excellent IP content; third, to improve the transparency of copyright ownership and income distribution , so that more original art can be protected and motivated, and stimulate the ecology of creators; fourth, through digital collections to accurately collect target users in their own channels, establish exclusive identities, provide users with emotional and value links, and provide enterprises with a combination of quality and effect. A new marketing scenario.

With the advent of the new consumption era, how can cutting-edge brands win by surprise?

Zhou Hongqi, an adjunct professor and corporate strategic transformation coach at the National University of Singapore Business School, believes that there are five new ways of playing for emerging brands to succeed by surprise.

First, brand planning must be ‘alternative tide’, and it must treat itself as a media on various platforms to detonate popular content. There must be ‘attitude’ and ’emotion’, so that consumers can see ‘uncommon’ at a glance.

Second, the selection depends on ‘data decision-making’, that is, operations must be data-driven and learn to play the ‘quantitative trading game’.

Third, there must be a distinct brand in the design of explosive products, and the ability to produce ‘trendy content’ must be very strong.

Fourth, plant grass and strengthen operations, use topics and buyers, and calculate the account of every ‘traffic’.

Fifth, acquire potential users through the ‘public domain’, then introduce a ‘private domain traffic pool’, use the circle of trust to bring goods, and then increase the repurchase rate and prolong the customer life cycle through high-frequency community maintenance.

He concluded that cutting-edge brands must possess three most important skills in the new consumption era: shaping new culture, making good use of technology, and refining operations.

How can cultural and creative brands get closer to Generation Z through digital collections?

The core point of Li Xi, general manager of China National Geographic Exploration Division, is:

“The digital collection is a high-quality carrier to expand the diversification of China’s National Geographic boutique content. Its natural traffic base can link the most fashionable and cool young people. Regenerate, recreate, and reproduce high-quality content. As a new cultural and creative product, digital collections and IP-based traditional cultural and creative products can be ‘integrated with reality’, realizing the synergy between online traffic and traditional business formats, and helping traditional business formats to quickly improve quality Increase efficiency’ to expand the space and scene of our popular science content.

China National Geographic’s future plan for digital collections is to select landscapes that are ‘difficult to observe, reach, and experience’, such as geological landforms, hydrogeography, biology, weather and climate, etc., and then use 3D, VR, etc. on the basis of the above images. Multiple technical means are used for secondary creation to present the phenomenal beauty of landscape, the beauty of time and space, and the beauty of rarity. “

Can digital collections become a new breakthrough for trendy games?

Zhao Peng, vice president of 52Toys Group, is very optimistic about the future potential of digital collections. He said: “The data shows that the market size of collectible toys will reach 150 billion in 2025, and its core users will also exceed 100 million. Both are a branch of the collectible toy market.

Digital collections are new product forms based on IP under new technologies and new scenarios. ‘With the virtual and the real’, digital collections can extend the design attributes, emotional attributes and collection attributes of collectible toys. It can also expand new users of traditional collectible toy brands, and can play a great role in the creation of physical products and IP. “

If you missed the live broadcast, you can scan the code to watch it back. For more information, you can follow the WeChat public account: Ant Chain.


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