Information Addiction and Information Overload Makes Me Calm Down

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This is a voice diary. Only by reducing external stimuli and lowering the threshold of dopamine can you have more energy and time to think, and have better motivation.

This is a speech-to-text diary. I’m doing other things with my bluetooth headset now, I just need to speak and the system automatically converts my speech into text. This process does not need to touch the mobile phone and does not need to light up the screen, reducing the intake of information as much as possible.

All I need to do is reduce the external information stimulus and lower the dopamine threshold myself. What I need now is boredom, what I need is doing nothing, what I need is to calm down and reflect and think. Only by doing this can you be able to settle down and have better action.

I may be incoherent now, after all this is just the beginning. So what you will see is a piece of content with a lot of nonsense, not rigorous enough logic, and not enough clear theme. This is such an article that I use to think, express, and reflect. I will post it on my blog at that time, so please forgive me if readers feel uncomfortable while reading this.

Over the years, I have become accustomed to collecting data and collecting information on the Internet. I watch a lot of music, videos, texts, theories, and a lot of interesting things every day, but these things don’t solve the problems I need to face right now. It has been 10 years. I have been addicted to online games since 2006, when I came into contact with the Internet. In 2013, I began to reflect, calm myself down, and write a diary to do some sorting. The effect is obvious, but in 2017 I was addicted to the game again, and it was even more crazy. Games, videos, music stimulate my brain all the time. Now I’m living a terrible life, obsessed with ingesting information every day, and not being able to remember after the fact what I watched today. What I see is not going to help me later in life because I can’t remember it anymore. The day-to-day habit that I have created has created an information addiction. If I don’t watch it, I will feel bored and very uncomfortable. Obviously there are a lot of things to do, to write a resume, to find a job, to think about your career development, and how to start a family and start a business. I still have a lot of things to do, the video has not been edited, and the photos have not been edited. There are many things waiting for me to do, but I continue to indulge in computers, mobile phones, the Internet, games, and short videos every day. This made me feel very uncomfortable.

The plan of the day is in the morning. The morning of the day is very important to us. After a night of rest, our brains are now in a state of calm. It is full of spirit, waiting for a new day to come. So in the morning, what should we do better? From waking up in the morning to going to bed at night, the brain’s dopamine will develop over time, and the dopamine threshold will become higher and higher. When all dopamine is high, our ability to think will decline. We cannot stop to think and act. This time is more suitable for doing simple, mechanical things.

Wake up in the morning and think about what happened yesterday. How far did what you do yesterday bring the plan forward? Then think about what to continue doing today, and continue to follow the plan. To arrange what needs to be done today. to collect data? Or organize data? Or to create content? Do something that requires thinking. After noon, the brain will become more impetuous. At this time, it is difficult to think about some deep things. Only do some simple work. At night, it is best not to think for too long, especially before going to bed. Get a good rest.

Let’s talk about it today. It is really convenient to write a diary in a voice-to-text way. You just need to think, focus on what you want to say, and then say it. Practice your verbal skills and thinking skills. You can also quickly record what you say through text. Accidentally said so much. If it is typing, it may take a long time. Because sometimes when I finish typing what I want to say, the next sentence I want to say has been forgotten. But what are the downsides of this way of recording? One is that the words spoken orally will be more vernacular. The text is not refined enough, not short enough. It’s easy to talk nonsense. The result of this kind of thing will make me very painful when I want to review it later. You have to spend a certain amount of time reading this nonsense text. And the reader will also feel uncomfortable when reading. If I were to read other people’s articles, I would prefer that others be able to simplify a little bit and express the important conclusions in as short a word as possible. rather than all kinds of nonsense. So in this article, I define him as my own thinking exercise and my own oral language expression exercise. It doesn’t make me feel bad for this article to be deleted. Because this is a derivative of my practice of thinking, practicing oral language, practicing calming down, practicing, and reducing external stimuli. So, just take a look at it.

Now I always think for a long time when I speak, and what I say is very confusing in terms of logic. It is difficult for me to express my thoughts in detail. There were frequent pauses in speaking. Because my thoughts are not continuous, they are intermittent and bumpy. So I have to practice practice.

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