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Immediately there are capabilities like JikePage, enabling product capabilities like Linktree. But this part actually has directions that can be updated and iterative, such as providing more suitable push-breaking capabilities for podcast scenarios.

In my imagination, this tool should have the following capabilities

  1. Create separate pages with podcasts as the dimension;
  2. You can directly import the Feeds address and choose which programs to display;
  3. For imported content, Shownotes can be displayed by default, but the host is allowed to adjust;
  4. Each program has its own independent ID, which can be used to share links;
  5. Every program can be listened to directly in the browser (different from the Web version of Xiao Universe, part of the content can be selected for breaking the circle, and the HTTP-based Ranges capability can be selected to achieve)
  6. Ability to generate QR codes and share cards;
  7. Ability to jump from a show to a podcast introduction page;
  8. (If it is done by Xiao Universe), you can choose some of the most popular comments to display on the page;
  9. Ability to jump to specific podcast subscription pages;
  10. Supports enabling mutual push of podcasts (that is, if you enable mutual push, your show will also appear under other people’s podcasts, as a realization of guessing what you like; correspondingly, other people’s podcasts will also appear under your show).

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