Inst Calculator – Scientific calculator app that displays calculation process and results according to writing habits [iPhone]

Inst Calculator is a scientific calculator that displays calculation process and results according to writing habits. @Appinn

Inst 计算器 - 按书写习惯显示计算过程与结果的科学计算器应用[iPhone]

From the Discovery Channel , self-recommended by developer @YvenChen :

While possessing some features of professional scientific calculators, it focuses on the design of daily life and learning scenarios, bringing a wonderful combination of concise, smooth and efficient computing.

Basic Features

  • The calculation formula displayed according to the writing habits is clear at a glance. Especially for more complex calculations, the calculation logic can be easily sorted out.
  • Different from the traditional calculator, this time it calculates the result by identifying the string, which means that you can freely select, copy, paste, and modify the calculation formula like editing text.
  • Purely built for computing, it ensures instant response every time you need it, without interrupting your train of thought with long loading times.

Ease of use

  • All calculations are automatically saved, whether it is completely exiting the software or the software is being cleaned up by the system in the background.
  • Supports undo and redo to avoid accidental deletion of hard input formulas due to manual swiping.
  • By sliding the small horizontal bar in the upper part of the keyboard, you can control the hiding, display and switching of the left and right one-handed modes of the keyboard.
  • A variety of keyboard layouts are available for different usage needs and usage habits.

other details

  • Includes dark mode, tactile feedback with adjustable intensity, keyboard width in one-handed mode, and more.
  • Perfect for split screen and suspension mode under iPadOS.
Inst 计算器 - 按书写习惯显示计算过程与结果的科学计算器应用[iPhone] 1
Inst 计算器 - 按书写习惯显示计算过程与结果的科学计算器应用[iPhone] 2

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