Install Black Synology on a high-capacity VPS

Tossing with Synology has always been the happiest thing for adults, but after the tossing at home, is it more interesting to get a Synology on the public website?

在大容量 VPS 上安装黑群晖

The reason is very simple, a friend sent a post here: Online 2O/3O installed Black Qunhui (by @52Fancy ), it was just right, I have a 1T machine in my hand, which is usually only used to hang PT, so let’s toss it.

The following is the tossing steps of the green frog this morning. At present, everything seems to be running normally, all functions are available, and then… I haven’t thought of what it will be used for. Of course, I still need to hang up the PT and enable data backup. As for whether you can open a few small services for friends, we will talk about it later.

In addition, because it is an early version of DSM (6.1.7), for example, Let’s Encrypt is temporarily broken and has not been repaired. But the developer of this post seems to be working on 7.x, so look forward to it.

Really happy to toss.

first step backup

First of all, of course, backup, although I only backed up qBittorrent, other data can be lost, forget it.

Note that all data before installation is lost.

The second step is to download the mirror

Since it involves the download server provided by @52Fancy, in order to avoid explosion, please go to the forum for this step.

The third step is to modify the mirror MAC value

Mount the image to /mnt

 mount -o loop,offset=$((9177088*512)) DS3617xs_6.17up3.img /mnt 

Modify the /mnt/boot/grub/grub.cfg file

Change set mac1=0011322CA603 to your own MAC address. The command used in the tutorial is:

 sed -i 's/mac1=0011322CA603/mac1=yourmacaddr/g' /mnt/boot/grub/grub.cfg 

But to confirm, I edited directly with vim.

Uninstall /mnt, repackage

 umount /mnt gzip DS3617xs_6.17up3.img 

DD system

Upload the repackaged DS3617xs_6.17up3.img.gz file to a third-party server, preferably faster… Yes, you need two VPS.

Due to the transmission of data, it is recommended to use sha1sum DS3617xs_6.17up3.img.gz comparison and proofreading.

I really can’t think of it, the pit is actually here… I didn’t expect to need two machines.

 bash <(wget --no-check-certificate -qO- '') -dd 'http://server address/DS3617xs_6.17up3. img.gz' 

After running, it will automatically disconnect, wait for a while and see.

endless waiting. Excited, get up:



Screen-Appinn2022-05-10 13.36.27

Original link:

If you have questions, head over to the forum to discuss .

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