Introduction to Tetrate’s Open Source Projects

Tetrate is one of the major players in the enterprise service mesh space and is the initiator or key player in the Istio, Envoy and SkyWalking open source projects. This article will introduce you to several open source projects initiated by Tetrate:

Tetrate Istio Distro/GetMesh

The Tetrate Istio distribution, aka GetMesh, installs and manages vetted Istio for Kubernetes or application platforms.

  • The easiest way to install, operate and upgrade Istio
  • Test and harden your applications and cloud platforms
  • Community hub for users, ecosystems and partners

GetMesh is a command line tool that you can use to:

  • Force a certified version of Istio and allow only compatible versions of Istio to be installed
  • Allows seamless switching between multiple istioctl versions
  • FIPS Compliant
  • Provides platform-based Istio configuration verification by integrating verification libraries from multiple sources
  • Use some cloud provider certificate management system to create Istio CA certificates for signing service mesh management workloads
  • Provides additional integration points with cloud providers

GetMesh can be installed with the following command:

 curl -sL | bash

Note: If you are located in mainland China, you need to overturn the wall to execute the above command.

To learn more about Tetrate Istio Distro/GetMesh visit


wazero is a WebAssembly 1.0 (20191205) compliant runtime written in Go.

WebAssembly is a way to safely run code compiled in other languages. The runtime executes a WebAssembly module (Wasm), which is usually a binary file with a .wasm extension.

wazero only depends on the Go language and has no dependencies, and does not depend on CGO. You can run applications in other languages ​​and still keep cross-compiling. That is, it can be embedded in applications without being dependent on a specific operating system. This is the main difference between wazero and other WebAssembly runtimes. wazero can also run in Docker’s scratch image .

To learn more about wazero visit:


func-e is a command-line tool for installing and running Envoy proxies. func-e (pronounced funky) allows you to quickly see the available versions of Envoy and try them out. This makes it easy for you to verify the configuration used in production. Every time you end a run, a snapshot of the runtime state is taken on your behalf. This makes knowledge sharing and troubleshooting easier, especially when upgrading.

To learn more about func-e visit:

Istio Security Analyzer

Istio Security Analyzer is a command-line tool for Istio security analysis. This tool can:

  • Make sure the configuration adheres to Istio security best practices.
  • Check the running version of Istio for any known CVE issues.

To learn more about Istio Security Analyzer visit:

For more Tetrate open source projects, please visit:

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