iPod ends

Last October marked the 20th anniversary of the iPod. In the competitive and iterative world of consumer electronics, this is an extraordinary endeavor. In a lineup that includes various iPhones and iPads, this music player isn’t particularly standout, but somehow this much-loved music player has survived. until today. Apple on Tuesday announced the discontinuation of the last product in its iPod line . That is, as a particular gadget, it’s dead. But it will slowly fade out until stock is sold out. So if you’re considering buying an iPod for any reason, do it now, or forget it. The death of the iPod was a drawn-out death. The Classic with its signature click wheel was discontinued in 2014. Meanwhile, Shuffle and Nano were phased out after three years. The seventh-generation iPod Touch is still tenaciously alive three years after its release—to this day.

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