iQiyi was sued by users for “restricting screencasting”, and the court has filed a case

A few days ago, iQiyi caused dissatisfaction among many netizens because of the “restriction on screen projection” of its members, and was even named and criticized by the Shanghai Municipal Consumer Protection Committee. According to Modern Express, a user in Guangdong has sued iQiyi for this reason, and the Beijing Internet Court has recently filed the case. Many users have also reported that iQiyi members have also been restricted from casting screens. The topic of “iQiyi App restricts screencasting” has become a hot topic on Weibo. | Related reading (Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily)

Li Xide

Recently, iQiyi has been scolded frequently because of the screen casting problem. First, it was scolded by netizens for not being able to cast screens to TVs. Later, even the HDMI connection function was banned by iQiyi. In order to calm everyone’s anger, I also I hired a lawyer to explain the reasoning, but it seems that the audience didn’t buy it, and now they are finally sued by consumers because of the limitation of the resolution of the projection screen. The last time I was sued was because of paid advanced on-demand.

Whether it’s restricting screencasting or advanced on-demand, in the final analysis, they want to make more money and more profits, but in order to make money, they rack their brains and try their best to pluck the hair from consumers, which is a bit ugly.

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