The cumulative delivery of Jikrypton exceeded 80,000 units, and Jikrypton 009 started nationwide delivery as scheduled

Today, Jikr Intelligent Technology announced the latest delivery volume: its luxury hunting coupe Jikr 001 and original pure electric luxury MPV Jikr 009 delivered a total of 3,116 units in January. Up to now, the cumulative delivery volume of the Jikr brand has exceeded 80,000 units , and then the fastest delivery record of innovative forces.


Starting from January 11, Jikrypton Smart Factory has been shut down for 21 days due to the upgrading of the production line. On January 15, the world’s first original pure electric luxury MPV Jikr 009 began to be delivered nationwide. It took only 76 days from listing to delivery, setting a new record for the delivery speed of China’s luxury pure electric brand. The 2023 Jikrypton 001 was also newly upgraded in January. With its product strength surpassing its peers and Jikrypton’s strong systematic strength, it has been highly recognized by users, with an average order value of more than 336,000 yuan.


In 2022, Jikrypton will deliver a total of 71,941 units, exceeding the annual delivery target of 70,000 units ahead of schedule. With the opening of the new year, Jikrypton will launch two new products, continuously improve the product matrix, create a new market value benchmark, and stand firm in the first echelon of China’s high-end pure electric brands, and also proposed a delivery volume of 140,000 in 2023 Taiwan’s goal, and opened a global strategic layout.

Extreme Krypton can achieve such an achievement in 2022, thanks to the fact that it firmly chose the “third track” and embarked on the “Extreme Krypton Mode” at the beginning of its establishment. Compared with traditional car manufacturers, Jikr has a smarter and more innovative business model and user-oriented thinking. Compared with new car-making forces, Jikr has a solid industrial foundation and global advantageous resources accumulated by Geely Holding Group for 36 years. This has also become the courage and confidence that Jikrypton can stand out in the fiercely fought pure electric track and lead the change. Moreover, 2023 will be a year with more intense competition in the new energy vehicle market, and it will also be a key year to verify the “Extreme Krypton Mode”.


Jikrypton 009 started delivery as scheduled in January, with an average order value of 527,000 yuan, demonstrating the strong systematic strength of the Jikrypton brand from production to delivery. As the world’s first native pure electric luxury MPV, JK 009 integrates the luxury space of MPV, the powerful safety of SUV and the excellent handling of sports car, setting a new benchmark for luxury MPV in design, safety, luxury, performance and intelligence. From the user’s point of view, it redefines the luxury MPV. The continuous improvement of the product system and the comprehensive product strength that exceeds the expectations of users have also made Jikr highly favored by the market.

At the beginning of 2023, Jikrypton launched the 2023 Jikrypton 001 in order to continue to meet the travel needs of users. Not only did it break through the upper limit of pure electricity in terms of battery life and performance, but also a number of luxurious configurations were standard for the entire series, and its product strength was comprehensively improved. Among them, the single-motor WE version exclusive “thousand-mile endurance package” will use CTP 3.0 Kirin batteries with a capacity of 140kWh. The ultra-large-capacity battery combined with the application of silicon carbide technology for the rear motor enables this model to have a cruising range of 1,032km under CLTC conditions, which also makes the 2023 Jikrypton 001 the world’s first in the cruising range of high-end pure electric vehicles. As a top model, the “Z-Sport” sports advanced kit specially created by Jikr for the YOU version is not only the industry’s first original sports kit for pure electric control, but also allows it to realize sports vision and driving pleasure Comprehensive advancement in three aspects: , handling performance.

In the future, Jikrypton will continue to improve from product evolution to delivery, constantly improve the user ecological layout, and through the empowerment of smart technology, go all out to create the ultimate travel experience with users.

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