Is Redis going to be replaced?


In the middle of this year, a former Google and former Amazon engineer launched Dragonfly, an open source in-memory data caching system he created, written in C/C and distributed under the BSL license (Business Source License).

According to past benchmark results, Dragonfly may be the fastest in-memory storage system in the world , it provides support for Memcached and Redis protocols, but can query with higher performance and consume less memory at runtime.

Compared to Redis, Dragonfly achieves a 25x performance improvement under typical workloads; a single Dragonfly server can handle millions of requests per second; in the 5GB storage test, Dragonfly requires 30% less memory than Redis.

As an open source software, Dragonfly gained 9.2K GitHub stars and 177 forks in just two months. …

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