Issue 28: ① What Is Your Worldview? – Brad Feld ② The Next Google | DKB ③ SURVEY: 85% of Shanghai Expats Rethinking Their Future in China ④ The closed life of more than 300 people and more than 5,000 animals ⑤ Will STEPN Bring Crypto to the Masses? – Almanack – Every

2022.04.21 (issue 28)

What Is Your Worldview? – Brad Feld


Written in the front | I’m sorry, the recommended content was not sent out yesterday due to personal operation, and today I added it one by one and sent it again. Personally, I highly recommend Wan Min’s two articles, one of which is one of the most inspiring interviews I have read on Simplified Chinese online recently. Interested readers can go back to the previous issue and have a look, Enjoy!

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What I have seen and experienced over the past period of time has had a huge impact on my personal worldview. I came across this short article when I was searching for worldviews in my notes today. Moved by this sentence, “My underlying value system and beliefs haven’t changed, but I’ve reconsidered, rethought, adjusted, and modified many external perspectives. But that’s the easy stuff.”.

It is true that my underlying values ​​and beliefs have not been conceptualized, those core values ​​are still what I firmly believe, but I have rethought, adjusted and revised many external perspectives.

It’s a kind of growth.

The Next Google | DKB


In the past period of time, there have been many new search engine products. The article introduces these products one by one, including:

– Kagi: The Customization Engine

– Neeva: A product that integrates information scattered across various apps into search results/The Everything Engine

– Product that organizes search results by source of information/The App Engine

– Andi: Products that provide a conversational search experience / The Conversation Engine

– other

It is very interesting to look at the product design concepts at a glance, and will experience them one by one in the future.

SURVEY: 85% of Shanghai Expats Rethinking Their Future in China


Similar to the impact of the Hong Kong epidemic, many foreign friends began to consider leaving China after the outbreak in Shanghai.

Judging from the survey results presented in this article (sample size ~950), “85% of foreigners said that the current round of lockdowns has made them rethink their future in China.”

“According to the survey, over the coming year the foreign community in Shanghai is set to halve, with 48% of respondents saying they plan to leave, if not immediately, within the next 12 months, while 37% said they want to wait it out and see if the situation improves.”

Closed life of more than 300 people and more than 5000 animals


During the month-long closed quarantine, the Shanghai Zoo ensured that each animal’s mistakes were never interrupted.

“Shanghai is an international metropolis with a very high level of social civilization. If the animals in the zoo have nothing to eat and no one to take care of because of the epidemic, the animals in the zoo die. I think it would be a very shameful thing for me to be the director of the zoo.” Pei Enle ( Director of Shanghai Zoo) said.

Will STEPN Bring Crypto to the Masses? – Almanack – Every


An analysis article of StepN, a very popular web3 application recently.

Because it was so popular, I even had a FOMO feeling that I haven’t experienced for a long time… In order to learn about this stuff that looks like Pond’s, I also listened to some podcasts , read some research reports , and looked at its market value and Adidas market value comparison… I really don’t understand, what value does this product create?

If any readers know about it, please feel free to communicate with me at any time, email: [email protected]. Learn sincerely. Really confusing…

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