Issue 48: ① Passing through Freiburg | Lu Qiyuan ② The Right and Wrong of Web 3 Criticism: A Discussion | MasterPa ③ After ten years of use, do you really understand Moments? ④ Guyu: The truck driver is still in Shanghai ⑤ Shottr – Screenshot Annotation App For Mac

2022.04.21 (issue 48)

Passing by Freiburg | Lu Qiyuan


The 2008 article is a very good review of the history of regular thought.

When talking about fairness and justice, it mentioned the two levels of production means and redistribution, which reminded me of Huang Qifan’s talk on common prosperity shared in the 35th issue , part of which also focused on the issue of redistribution.

The economy is nothing more than two problems: making the pie bigger and distributing the pie. The two are in conflict in some areas. Looking at this article, the history of ideas basically revolves around these two issues, with different emphases. Interestingly, different schools seem to be making compromises (or more realism), liberalism addresses efficiency issues, fairness still needs to be handled by the government, and the way, current best practice, seems to be the redistributive link.

The Right and Wrong of Web 3 Criticism: A Discussion | MasterPa


I really like the previous discussion on change and immutability. Generally speaking, human society is still spiraling upward. Solving current problems will definitely bring new problems, but we cannot stop progressing because of those unknown problems.

After ten years, do you really understand the circle of friends?


For the first time, I used the function of long-pressing the camera to send text to the Moments, and I thought this interaction was too awesome. In WeChat, there are many invisible interaction methods, such as drop-down to enter the applet, and long-press text recognition search. The best way to keep your UI clean is to present less commonly used functionality with invisible interactions. – Of course, when a feature has to be added.

The success of Weibo is because he is WeChat, occupying a high-frequency, active and just-needed scene. He doesn’t care about data.

We see all kinds of weird designs on the Internet, all of which correspond to an unreasonable digital KPI. A “reasonable goal” is very important.

Guyu: Truck drivers stand still in Shanghai


A group that has not paid much attention to in the past has really strong survivability.

Shottr – Screenshot Annotation App For Mac


A mac screenshot tool, recommended by a colleague, I haven’t used it myself. When downloading, I found that the size is very small.

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