Japan finds liquid water in sand samples from asteroid Ryugu


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Pinwan, September 23, according to Jiemian News, a team from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and Tohoku University published an article in the journal Science on the 22nd saying that the small particles collected from the probe Hayabusa 2 were collected. Carbonated water was detected in the sand samples of the planet Ryugu.

This is the first confirmation that there is liquid water on the Dragon Palace. The discovery has heightened the possibility that water contained in meteorites and the like may be the origin of Earth’s oceans. It is reported that after the earth was covered with hot magma after its birth, it is still a mystery how a large amount of water appeared after that, and asteroids like Ryugu may be the source of the water. The team will compare and analyze the detected carbonated water with water on Earth.

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