Jay Chou’s fifth live broadcast, and Kuaishou Entertainment for the past two years

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The Chinese music scene has not been so lively for a long time.

After six years, Jay Chou finally released a new album. But the huge traffic visible to the new song MV did not leave Kuaishou alone. Jay Chou’s personal agency “Jewell Music” will distribute MVs on major music, video, and social platforms including QQ Music, Douyin, Kuaishou, and Station B at a unified time.

That night, Jay Chou decided to release the first new song MV on his only Chinese social platform Kuaishou account “Classmate Zhou”, but it was delayed by 20 minutes due to the network transmission in Australia. But this belated content still surpassed one million likes within an hour. After 8 hours, the MV of the new song on Kuaishou has exceeded 150 million.

What users are looking forward to more is that more than a week later, they met Jay Chou himself in the “Classmate Zhou” live broadcast room. The cumulative number of viewers of this live broadcast exceeded 110 million, and the total number of interactions in the live broadcast exceeded 450 million.

In the opinion of the person in charge of Kuaishou Entertainment, a data she is more concerned about has broken records before the live broadcast – before the broadcast, the number of reservations for this live broadcast has exceeded 10 million times – and the act of making an appointment to watch it itself It is the expression of the user’s demand for entertainment content.

The entire live broadcast lasted 43 minutes, exceeding the originally scheduled 30 minutes. Jay Chou played the “Greatest Work” in the new album on the piano, “corrected” the “homework” of the new song co-produced by Kuaishou users, and interacted and chatted with fans with a group of friends. 17 minutes after the broadcast, it broke the record of 5.26 million simultaneous online viewers set by Jackie Chan’s live broadcast a month ago.

Today, these celebrity content plans that create topics, interactions, and live broadcasts are actually different two years ago. In the past two years, Jay Chou is adapting to Kuaishou, and the entertainment team of Kuaishou is also exploring the path of entertainment in Kuaishou.

Two years ago, the Kuaishou Entertainment team was officially established. When thinking about the introduction strategy of celebrities, there were some internal concerns that needed to be verified: Do Kuaishou users care about celebrities? Do you only care about Northeastern stars? Is Kuaishou’s public opinion environment harsh or tolerant to celebrities? These answers mean that Kuaishou can basically do star content.

The data side gave feedback of “can do”. The content demand of Kuaishou user stars is far stronger than expected. The introduction of star content is the user’s appeal, and it can also gain some platform influence. But a new question arises – should it be done in the traditional way of the entertainment industry? Or do it with user logic?

Even doing live broadcasts, which is now a familiar thing, the risk of applying it to celebrities was unknown at that time. In particular, names with extremely high gold content like “Jay Chou” continue to come to Kuaishou, but the experience that the team can refer to is very limited.

Two years ago, Jay Chou’s live broadcast on Kuaishou was more of a publicity event based on the official announcement of the brand by the spokesperson. Two years later, Jay Chou prepared the live broadcast again for the release of the new album, which means that Kuaishou took over the name Jay Chou from the level of user, community and star content gameplay, and also found answers to the questions of the year.

Fans, music, and stars can have more direct connections on short video platforms

Go back in time to two years ago.

In 2020, Kuaishou ended the most aggressive growth strategy in 2019, completed the annual target of 300 million DAU (number of daily active users), and became the exclusive short video partner of the Spring Festival Gala.

However, some Kuaishou people told “LatePost” that the company’s past strategy has always revolved around the dimensions of the company’s perspective such as data and play, and there are relatively few deliberate layouts at the to C level. In the future, Kuaishou will think more about what users really need when thinking strategically.

The next 2020 will be a year when Kuaishou strengthens content construction, strives to attract new ones and retain them.

This year, because of the sudden epidemic, the whole people have a new definition of content creation – what recording means, what is worth recording, and more importantly, classes, recruitment, sales, concerts… all because of irresistibility The reason came online.

The introduction of a large number of stars has become one of the biggest changes in Kuaishou. Yang Mi, Di Ali Gerba, Joey Yung, Li Keqin and others have settled in successively. Jay Chou joined Kuaishou in May 2020. At present, there are more than 2,000 stars in Kuaishou.

Jay Chou, who had not been able to use other platforms for 11 years, opened his first Chinese social platform account on Kuaishou.

And Kuaishou is not just Jay Chou, nor just celebrity accounts.

The star strategy promoted by Kuaishou is to be close to the truth and take the popular route. This is determined by Kuaishou’s user demands and cultural tone. Kuaishou’s community atmosphere determines that it is most suitable for stars to interact in a natural and life-like way here. It also makes the stars more relaxed and more comfortable, and the traditional play of the entertainment industry does not apply here.

Shortly after entering Kuaishou, Jay Chou’s content in Kuaishou became daily sharing, such as old friends gathering for dinner, playing the piano and practicing songs, and liking creative videos of others using “Mojito” as background music. The slack feeling of the first live broadcast was similar – first, I performed a few magic tricks, discussed clothing matching and fitness with my friends, and adjusted a cup of mojito. If Kuaishou is regarded as a stage, Jay Chou’s identity here has not always been the “King of Heaven”, but the “brother” he likes to call himself.

Many celebrities are posting short videos on Kuaishou as a circle of friends, such as Huang Zitao, which is completely different from that of an “idol artist” on Kuaishou.

Kuaishou’s star strategy has become an important direction to supplement user needs, and it also meets the demands of stars. Short videos are becoming an important channel for users to contact stars and star works.

A former channel director of a music company told “LatePost” that most of the users on the music player go to the top singers and classic old songs, which is why all companies have to grab the copyright. The short video platform represented by Kuaishou is the best platform for the incremental market today. Fans, music, and celebrities can have more direct connections on short video platforms.

For mature artists, short videos are also valuable. Celebrities represented by Jay Chou not only mean huge traffic. For Kuaishou, celebrity is the only way for it to become a national-level, comprehensive interactive platform.

Is Kuaishou suitable for star content? The team also asked themselves the same

A newly formed entertainment business team has experienced a short running-in period in Kuaishou on how to operate star content well.

There are currently more than 20 members of the Kuaishou Entertainment star team. Members come from various backgrounds such as the Internet and the entertainment industry. Regarding how to start from scratch, the direction of discussion at the beginning is not the same. After analyzing the existing data on the platform and interviewing a large number of users, the first thing the Kuaishou Entertainment star business team broke was its own cognition.

First, Kuaishou users don’t seem to like consuming entertainment content that much? However, from the data point of view, the UV penetration rate of star-related content is quite high, and the consumption ranks in the top of the station.

Second, Northeastern actors represented by Northeastern Errenzhuan have always been very popular in the field of live broadcast and short video. Do Kuaishou users only like Northeastern stars? Neither is it.

The Times Youth League, which entered Kuaishou in 2020, is dominated by young people and women in Kuaishou’s fans, which are distributed evenly throughout China. In 2021, on the second anniversary of the debut of the Times Youth League, Kuaishou planned the IP activity of “Teenage Growth Guide”, which attracted a large number of viewers through more than 30 exclusive short videos and 3 live broadcasts. The combined live broadcast of the two-year anniversary totaled nearly 50 million viewers, and the total live broadcast interaction was 170 million, which also broke various records of Kuaishou at that time.

Third, they found that Kuaishou users have a very mild attitude towards celebrities. Judging from the comments on celebrity content, what users are looking for is only the side of celebrities who show their lives in Kuaishou and can interact with them, rather than draft-style confrontation and competition. Even if the stars are not yet familiar with how to interact, users can be very accommodating. This means that live broadcasts of content with a certain degree of risk can be freely used on Kuaishou to the greatest extent.

On the basis of these cognitions, the problem is also obvious – the entire entertainment ecosystem needs to be built from scratch, and related products are still under construction. There are two paths in front of the Kuaishou entertainment business team. “One approach is called starting from the needs of the B-end, what we do in the entertainment industry, and the other is called starting from the needs of the C-end users, doing what the user needs.” The person in charge of Kuaishou Entertainment said.

Kuaishou Entertainment did hesitate for a while, and after thinking about it for about half a year, the team believes that the way that is more suitable for Kuaishou is the latter.

At the end of 2021, Kuaishou’s star content strategy based on the needs of C-side users will be more clear. They have clarified three things: the first is to solve the problem of user access; the second is to refine the operation of star-related content; The third is to do star events, such as the live broadcast of Jay Chou’s new album this time, and the online “friends meeting” announced by Jay Chou in this live broadcast.

The DAU pulling of Kuaishou by star content has also been verified. “We see that with the continuous activity and production of stars, the UV penetration rate of entertainment content continues to increase, and we also see the increase in the influence of the Kuaishou brand from outside the station.” The person in charge of Kuaishou’s entertainment business told LatePost.

According to Kuaishou’s 2022 first quarter report, Kuaishou’s average DAU is now 346 million, an increase of 17% year-on-year, and the average daily usage time of daily active users also increased by 29% year-on-year.

Kuaishou has not disclosed how much the proportion of users consuming entertainment content has increased, but entertainment content has played a positive role in the growth of its DAU and average daily usage time.

Kuaishou Star Operation Methodology

As of June 2022, Kuaishou has a total of 2,000+ celebrity accounts, with an overall fan base of 870 million. Now Kuaishou, there are not only Yang Mi, Di Lieba, Huang Zitao, Times Youth League and other stars and idol groups, but also comedy artists such as Pan Changjiang, Zhao Jiaban and Feng Gong.

According to CNNIC’s “Statistical Report on Internet Development in China”, as of December 2021, the number of Chinese netizens reached 1.032 billion. Among them, the user utilization rate of short video is as high as 90.5%, the user scale has reached 934 million, and the user growth has almost peaked.

Celebrities have become the focus of competition among major short video platforms. Recently, the video number invited Luo Dayou and the Backstreet Boys to hold a concert, while Stefanie Sun appeared in the Douyin live broadcast room and held an online singing and chatting session.

Just one month before Jay Chou’s live broadcast, Jackie Chan broadcasted on Kuaishou for more than three hours. This was his first personal live broadcast in his 60-year debut, and it was also the first live broadcast since Jackie Chan opened his Kuaishou account in October 2021.

Compared with Jay Chou’s shy state in front of the live broadcast camera, Jackie Chan, an “evergreen tree” in the Chinese entertainment industry, obviously enjoys this screen for short video interaction. On the night of the live broadcast, Jackie Chan connected with Nicholas Tse, Joey Yung, Huang Zitao and others. The star also connected with Kuaishou users such as “The Kung Fu Dream of Two Uncles”, Yoyodan, Zhang Tingling, etc. The original live broadcast duration of 1.5 hours has been extended to 3 hours.

The Kuaishou Entertainment business team found in the review that the traffic peaks and user interaction peaks all appeared in the interaction between Jackie Chan and ordinary users. “In addition, Kuaishou users also like to watch stars sing, and when Jackie Chan sings, the data goes up.” The person in charge said.

If you have to summarize the methodology of the star’s live broadcast on Kuaishou, it should be these: interact with ordinary users, try to show the real side, and have more sense of presence.

The person in charge of Kuaishou Entertainment said that there will always be two choices for star live broadcast. The safest is to record and broadcast live. Like a TV show, it may be very delicate and perfect, but there is no sense of interaction; the second is to do a ‘real live broadcast’, there may be flaws, and even accidents may occur, but this is the only way. It is the charm of live broadcast.

Jay Chou announced in the live broadcast on July 18 that a “Brother and Friends Meeting” will be held in Kuaishou. Singer Jay Chou, after five live broadcasts on Kuaishou in the past two years, finally wants to “open his voice” online. And the playlist of “Brother Friends Club” will be decided by Kuaishou users’ votes – for Kuaishou’s entertainment business, the starting point of catching the traffic of Tianwang is to meet the needs of users.

It’s all about watching stars, why should you watch it on Kuaishou? Because on Kuaishou, users can see the other side of the star stage, and Kuaishou also believes that it has created a more relaxed social interaction environment for stars.

In the past two years, the “Classmate Zhou” account has released a total of 101 video works, which is equivalent to one update a week.

The person in charge of Kuaishou entertainment business said that although Jay Chou will also publish his works on overseas social platforms, he will play ukulele for everyone in Kuaishou, and he will also express his hope to sing with Kuaishou users. These are the users who come to Kuaishou. Look at his reasons.

Between celebrities and users, interaction is the most valuable communication. The live broadcast used to make all the star management teams nervous, but in Kuaishou, Jackie Chan will take the initiative to extend the live broadcast, Huang Zitao will start the broadcast on a whim, and Jay Chou is more and more open. It is not so much that celebrities with huge traffic came to Kuaishou, it is better to say that the celebrities started to regard live broadcasts as cooperation, and slowly played Kuaishou by themselves, actively enjoying the fun of interaction just like users.

Doing a good job in the entertainment that the public needs is the inference of Kuaishou Entertainment when it crossed the river by feeling the stones. Now it seems that this direction is always correct in terms of value to stars and users.

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