Jing Tian was fined 7.2212 million for illegal advertising endorsements, and she participated in many dramas to be broadcast

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According to the “Guangzhou Market Supervision” WeChat public account on May 28, at the end of 2021, the State Administration of Market Supervision’s advertising monitoring found that actor Jing Tian’s advertising endorsement for Guangzhou Infinitus Health Technology Co., Ltd. was suspected of violating the relevant provisions of the Advertising Law. The Supervision Bureau immediately organized forces to verify relevant clues.

Image source: Official website of the State Administration for Market Regulation

After investigation, Guangzhou Infinitus Health Technology Co., Ltd. selected Jingtian as its advertising endorsement for the “fruit and vegetable” food it produces and manages, and the relevant “fruit and vegetable” food is ordinary food. sugar absorption” effect. Jingtian still declares in its own name and image that the endorsement products have “blocking” in the advertisements, even though it should be aware that laws and regulations stipulate that ordinary foods are not allowed to promote the efficacy of treatment and health care, and have not verified the relevant efficacy of the endorsed products through effective means. “Fat and sugar absorption” effect, its behavior has violated the relevant provisions of the Advertising Law. Jing Tian received a total of 2.579 million yuan in illegal income from the above-mentioned advertising endorsements. According to Article 61 of the “Advertising Law of the People’s Republic of China”, the Guangzhou Tianhe District Market Supervision Bureau made an administrative penalty decision to confiscate the illegal income and fined Jing Tian 4.6422 million yuan (the total amount of fines and confiscations was 7.2212 million yuan).

After the incident, the topic of “Jing Tian’s illegal advertising endorsement was punished” immediately appeared on Weibo’s hot search list. At 12 noon, Jing Tian posted an apology letter on his personal Weibo saying: “Since receiving the relevant notice from the market supervision department, my team and I have actively cooperated with the relevant departments for the first time. During the contract signing process, we have not fulfilled our full review obligations. , and also has a negative impact on consumers who trust related products, I hereby sincerely apologize.”

Jing Tian’s apology letter was issued one hour after the announcement of the State Administration for Market Regulation

Since his debut, Jing Tian, ​​as an actor, has attracted much attention due to his strong resources. At the beginning of her debut, Jing Tian was a newcomer of Beijing Starlight Film and Television Co., Ltd. The first music EP “Who Are You” was escorted by gold medal producer Zhang Yadong and “Crazy Stone” director Ning Hao. Later, he moved to the film and television industry and partnered with actor Liu Hua in the TV series “A Woman’s Epic”. The investment of his big screen virgin “Warring States” was as high as 150 million, and the final box office reached 76 million, while the Douban score was only 3.9.

After entering the field of action films in 2012, Jing Tian went from domestic to international, and the actors and directors he partnered with are all first-line big names, such as Chow Yun-fat (“Macau Times”), Jackie Chan (“Police Story 2013”), Donnie Yen (“Special Identity”) )Wait. In Zhang Yimou’s Sino-American co-production blockbuster “The Great Wall”, Jing Tian co-starred with international superstar Matt Damon , which opened her way to Hollywood. Afterwards, Jing Tian appeared in “King Kong: Skull Island” and “Pacific Rim: Uprising” successively, ranking the same as Tom Hiddleston , Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson , Kikuchi Rinko, etc. Cassette team.

From “Police Story” and “The Great Wall” to “Pacific Rim”, Jing Tian’s acting skills have never been recognized despite a strong team and deep financial support. The strong position and the bland performance of the works have made Jing Tian himself experience the group ridicule of “only holding no popularity” for more than ten years. It was not until the court drama “Glory of the Tang Dynasty” in 2017 that Jing Tian, ​​who participated in the heroine, ushered in the first reversal of word of mouth. In 2021, a web drama “Sito”, which was initially not favored and was only rated as A-level, became popular, and Jing Tian also accumulated good popularity with the passers-by by virtue of the role of Tsundere Beauty.


With the rise of commercial value, there is also the number of brands endorsed by Jing Tian. Since 2017, it has endorsed a very diverse range of products, covering household , food, clothing, and fashion. “Infinite Chang”, which was punished this time , is a functional food brand that focuses on catering to the healthy and fashionable concept of a new generation of young people. On April 12, 2021, Jing Tian was officially announced as its spokesperson. The elegant temperament and good figure in “vine” have attracted much attention.

Jing Tian officially announced the brand spokesperson, according to the public information on the Internet

At present, there are still many dramas in which Jing Tian participated . In the recent “Let’s Inherit Together” produced by Huanyu Film and Television Company, Jing Tian himself made a special appearance in the play. “Do your best! Jin Chen, the director of “Youth”, once collaborated with Jing Tian on the TV series “City of Light”; Wang Hong, who was one of the screenwriters of “Si Teng”, has also re-appointed as the screenwriter of “Scorching Merry”; For the ancient costume double-strong romantic drama “Le You Yuan”, director Zheng Weiwen also has rich experience in directing this type of theme.

In addition, according to the Tianyancha APP, there are 4 companies associated with Jingtian, 3 of which are in existence . They are Dongyang Hengdian Jingtian Film and Television Culture Studio established in 2014, 2018 and 2021, Ningbo High tech Zone Yihui Film and Television Studio and Shanghai Quanxi Culture and Media Studio . The first two are operated solely by Jing Tian , ​​and their business scope is both Film and television culture related and advertising services, etc. The latter is held by Jing Tian and Ding Chongwu, 99% and 1% respectively. Executive partner Ding Chongwu is also a shareholder of Starlight Film and Television (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

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