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Different people actually have different choices.

When he graduated from college, the monitor of the next class sold Longfor real estate in Wuhan. The following year, he saw him in the circle of friends buying a house in Wuhan and a private car the following year. As a peer, I deeply appreciate his excellence. On the other hand, it also made me see the misunderstandings in my own thinking in the past.

All along, the idea I have been adhering to is “people should go to the position they are most familiar with / best at / most suitable for”, but I have overlooked another problem – a person’s need for money.

Different people have different needs for money. Some people have a well-off family and can live well without earning too much money. Some people are from poor families and need to work hard to earn money in order to make a better life for the family.

And if you want to make more money, I think one of the core cognitions is that you can only make more money if you are closer to the money. Being fit may allow you to do a job to the extreme, but it doesn’t necessarily allow you to make money. And where you are closer to the money, even if you are the industry average, you can get a good income.

For example, real estate sales are more profitable than car sales. Everyone earns a commission, and the larger the principal, the more the amount of commission; those who engage in games on the Internet make more money than those who engage in tools. One day of cash flow from games is enough for tool applications to eat and drink for a year.

If you want to make money, go somewhere closer to the money.

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