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Discovered today a complete (up to 2 hours) interview with the inventor of nucleic acid detection, 1993 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry Kary Mullis (link 1, link 2). He talked about his views on topics such as science, the truth about AIDS, nucleic acid testing, and more. After reading this interview, I think Kary Mullis is an honest and brave scientist. This little-known and valuable information is worth knowing about everyone who cares about their health. In addition to the false and outspoken revelation that “HIV causes AIDS”, there are many interesting points in this interview that have not been heard before. For example, as a biochemistry student, Kary Mullis wrote a sophomore year The pure nonsense paper on “cosmological time reversal” was actually accepted and published by the journal “Nature”. But after the invention of nucleic acid detection, “Nature” and “Science” both rejected his paper. This is the reality of the so-called “scientific world”. Many people like to say “believe” in science, rather than encouraging people to understand, doubt, and test those theories. False conclusions are obscured by confusing and complex descriptions, making it impossible to see through their falsehoods, only to “believe” and blindly follow. This makes science a belief, a religion, and even a superstition. Science has been corrupted, kidnapped and distorted by belief. The so-called “science” is depriving people of freedom and even life like religion, and bringing ignorance and chaos to the world like superstition. That’s what Kary Mullis wants to tell us in this 1996 interview.

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