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For the first time, I saw how unbearable the pain of a kidney stone was. The patient was none other than my mother.

I received a call from my mother at around 1:40 yesterday afternoon. The voice on the phone was very low and asked if I could take a leave of absence. She said that she couldn’t stand the stomach pain and heard her son’s shouting on the phone. Say hello and head home…

About ten minutes later, my son was playing in the hall, and my mother was squatting on the toilet, trying to urinate, but not much. She was pale, sweating, nausea, and vomiting. Her back pain was so bad that she couldn’t straighten up.

Last year, I had a physical examination and found that I had kidney stones. I took Xiaoshi tablets for a period of time, and it was not a big problem. The sudden pain this time was probably because the stone was stuck in the ureter.

Supporting my mother on the sofa, I have been tossing and turning. At that time, I knew that it was caused by kidney stones. I ran downstairs and bought stone-removing granules and painkillers at the pharmacy. I vomited all of them within a few minutes of eating. I went to see my mother in unbearable pain and waited until the vomiting was relieved. I took my mother to the hospital and went to the emergency department to take a CT scan.

If you are worried that the hospital has not done nucleic acid, you will not be allowed to enter, but there is a green channel when you go out to the hospital and go to the emergency room. Scan the code and fill in the information to see the itinerary card, as long as the Yuekang code is not a high-risk area, and the green code is sufficient. I told the emergency doctor about the situation and opened a form for taking CT scans to pay for the CT room. Due to the prevention and control hospital staff, it took only a few minutes to complete it, but the result had to wait for half an hour. The film report was printed and collected by myself in the lobby. During this period, my mother’s pain was not relieved at all. It was not a solution. I went back to the doctor and prescribed painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicines. I hung it up and asked my mother to drink more water. During this period, I went back and forth to the toilet many times.

Half an hour later, the inspection report and the film were printed out. The report said that the size of the stone was 4mm and the film was clearly photographed. It was stuck at the ureteral stenosis. I showed it to the doctor and gave three options. The first is conservative. The second is in vitro laser lithotripsy (50 to 60 percent chance), and the third is to take out the stone with a rubber tube for surgery in the hospital. Let us choose by ourselves, and go back to the hospital bed to ask my mother’s opinion and advice. After discussing it with my daughter-in-law, I kept reading the information and cases about stones.

My father-in-law also has the experience of expelling kidney stones on their own. My daughter-in-law does not recommend surgery to relieve pain and inflammation, and then take medicine to excrete them. My opinion is to do extracorporeal laser lithotripsy, consult the doctor for half an hour to an hour to complete the operation, and I ask him if there is no pain after the operation, and he says no, there must be a process. The pain was relieved when the needle was placed in the water, but it was still a pain after a while. My mother didn’t want to do the drip, so she went home and took the stone-removing granules and painkillers I bought before, and even let me go to the roof to tan her I took the dried Chetian grass (diuretic) to boil water to drink. I went down two bowls of water for dinner and had no appetite. I urinated many times, but not much. I feel that people suddenly get up and go down to eat some food…

This morning, I got up to urinate and expelled the 4mm stone together. My mother looked at the stone and said that it was this small stone that hurt me half to death. Speaking of it, it hurts more than giving birth, you can see how painful it is!

There is no danger, as long as the stone is discharged. Usually diet has a lot to do with eating as little as possible high-protein, greasy, sour and other foods, as long as you can’t eat more in moderation and touch less pickled products…

The following are the symptoms of stone pain found on the Internet, and the similarity is 100%.

Ureteral colic: A kidney stone that falls and becomes incarcerated at the ureteral stenosis can cause ureteral colic. The patient presents with severe pain in the waist or lower abdomen, difficulty lying down, pale complexion, profuse sweating, nausea and vomiting, etc.

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