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Kingsoft PDF Professional Edition is a branch of Kingsoft PDF Standalone.

Compared with the standalone version, the professional version has not only optimized and adjusted the software interface, but also added functions such as high-definition screenshots in the substantive software functions. However, the following new functions are very expected:

1. Convert PDF to other formats: support local deployment activation server (similar to WINDOWS/OFFICE KMS), and can complete authorized PDF document conversion without connecting to the Internet;

2. OCR Optical Character Recognition: Compared with the conversion of ordinary text-based PDF to DOC, the image-based PDF support effect is not good. OCR will greatly improve the recognition rate and conversion rate.

This version is an activated version purchased by the government, and the OEM that comes with it can be activated directly.

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Kingsoft FDP official version Baidu Netdisk Extraction code: 4kta Tencent Weiyun Password: iupk2m

In some cases where there is no activation, please use the activation code to activate:


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