Kinsey can rely on price difference rules to protect water needles from centralized procurement

$Changchun High-tech (SZ000661)$ Today, the high-tech has an extreme trend of falling limit. Let’s sort it out carefully and make some records based on the management’s roadshow

This tender in Zhejiang is completely in accordance with the relevant regulations of the state, and the price difference relationship is implemented, that is to say, chemical drugs or biological drugs are in accordance with this rule. The management also said that Zhejiang may shift the Guangdong joint mining group. In my opinion, it can be It is certain that if growth hormone is involved in Zhejiang, it will definitely be in the same group as gouache, so the result of the bidding is the same as that in Guangdong.


This picture is the bidding document of Zhejiang. It emphasizes the bidding rules of Zhejiang, or that all drugs, all provinces involved in centralized procurement will be promoted according to this rule.





This picture provides an explanation: Small-volume injections include water injections and powders, so water injections and powder injections cannot be grouped. This is what 11 provinces in Guangdong do. Zhejiang will continue to advance in this way if growth hormone is involved.


There is a strict price difference between powder injection and water injection. In other words, Jinsai 30IU water injection as a small-volume injection cannot exceed the basic price of powder injection by more than 2.5 yuan. Then the current price of this basic dosage form of powder injection is 6 yuan. For each IU, then water injection is the maximum theoretical value of 8.5 yuan per IU,

If Jinsai has powder injection in hand, it can be used as a shield. As long as the price of the basic dosage form is competitive and the price is low, no manufacturer of water injection can accept the price.


In the 11-province alliance bidding in Guangdong, the amount of water injection was 100 million yuan, and the original value was 300 million yuan. However, no manufacturer could win the bid at the original price, and they all needed to bid. In fact, we should be able to see that the proportion of water injection in the hospital is actually very low. It is about 5%-10%, otherwise it is impossible to only report such a low amount,

How can Zhejiang exceed the report volume of the Guangdong 11-province alliance, so even if Zhejiang Liancai has growth hormone this time, the report volume this time will only be lower than that of the Guangdong alliance, after all, it is only a single province,

Jin Lei, general manager of Kinsey, also said today that Zhejiang accounted for 5%-8% of Kinsey’s plate, so last year, the net sales of growth hormone in Kinsey was about 7 billion, and Zhejiang was only 600 million. As far as 20 million to 50 million, or Zhejiang is less than half of the 11 provinces of Guangdong, or this way, Anke, Nuoze did not pursue more shares, more provinces, but will make extra-normal for half of the cake. At the same time, we look at the relationship between the price difference and the price of medicines. On the premise that the water injection does not have any bidding advantage over the powder injection, if Anke and Nuoze need to win the bid, the theoretical price needs to be 7.8 yuan, and then divided into 2000. The share of 10,000 to 50 million is unimaginable for water injection manufacturers.

The promotion of centralized procurement by the Medical Insurance Bureau is a major trend. Medical insurance funds are the basic demand for insurance. Now only the indication for growth hormone deficiency is covered by medical insurance. The number of patients corresponding to this indication is very low. Suspected of over-indication use, Anke only has pre-charged, the injection experience is different from that of Kinsey, in fact, Nuozer is not a hidden needle.

The correct one is: powder injection is basically guaranteed to meet the demands of patients and the medical insurance bureau. The products of the three companies of water injection are not completely the same, and cannot meet the consideration requirements of the medical insurance bureau. Continue the Guangdong joint procurement model and continue the process of joint procurement. Today The management also said that the Zhejiang translation Guangdong model means this,


The last picture is the price comparison before Guangdong Liancai. The latest price is 6 yuan IU for Kinsey powder. This price has helped Kinsey gain a lot of market share and has not affected the sales of Kinsey’s water needles. It will be like this in the future. This situation will happen again only if there are still provinces for centralized procurement. The reason is: the country’s drug price comparison rules, Kinsey’s product pipeline is the most complete,

Jinsai can completely protect Jinsai water needles from centralized procurement through the bidding of powder needles and relying on the price difference rule!

In the end, Jin Lei also talked about the layout of growth hormone going overseas and medical aesthetics. The future is still a sea of ​​stars, but it is not sure that every investor can share it. At the same time, he once again emphasized that Zhejiang’s joint mining has not released an official product catalog yet. Whether it involves growth hormone is still unknown, but I think whether it is involved or not, Jinsai water injection will not reduce the price due to the protection and product power of hidden needles and its own powder injection!

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