Know, sparrow and crow

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Some time ago at noon, I was walking from the office to the cafeteria, and when I was in the bushes at the school gate, I heard movement in the grass. A sparrow came out, and a cicada fell by the side. It seemed that the sparrow was catching it, continued to peck a few times, picked it up and flew away. At that time, I thought, it was interesting, I saw the fight between the sparrow and the cicada. Continue to walk forward, turn around, and find a crow flying towards the sparrow. Fight for food. Then the sparrow became nervous and let go. The cicada flew. The sparrow flew over again to catch the cicada from the air, but the crow also rushed over. The sparrow could only change its flight path, dodging and flying away. Crows turn… Continue reading “Knowledge, Sparrows and Crows”

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